Camila Cabello shares her favorite beauty routine products, including ones she bought because of Tik...

Camila Cabello’s On A Hair Growth Journey With Her New Beauty Routine

The singer is also influenced by TikTok and Hailey Bieber.

One Nightstand
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In Elite Daily’s One Nightstand, your favorite celebs and influencers spill allllllll the details about their holy grail beauty products — the select few they always have within arm’s reach on their nightstand. In this installment, Camila Cabello shares her go-to beauty routine, the products she’s bought because of TikTok, and why she trusts Hailey Bieber’s skin care recommendations.

Camila Cabello is everywhere. In 2023 alone, you could find her walking the red carpet at the Met Gala, starring in a Daddy Yankee music video, singing alongside Justin Timberlake for the newest Trolls film, and teasing unreleased music on Instagram. Despite her busy schedule, though, the multi-hyphenate always manages to keep up with two very important things: her beauty routine and TikTok.

As a brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, the singer has many of the cosmetics company’s products in her arsenal, including the new Bright Reveal Broad Spectrum (nothing but SPF 50 sunscreen for this Miami girl) and Telescopic Lift Mascara. “I’ve always loved L’Oreal mascara, since I was in ninth grade,” she tells Elite Daily of her longtime love for the brand. But those items are only the tip of the iceberg.

Below, Cabello shares the other holy grail beauty products that are musts for her at the moment, what (or who) inspired her to buy ’em and try ’em, plus the one item she has to remind herself *not* to use every day.

Camila Cabello’s Go-To Skin Care Savior

With winter weather (and, more importantly, its harsh effects) on the horizon, Cabello admits she needs to start moisturizing more. “My skin is a little bit more on the dry side,” she says. The best way for her to “hydrate it up”? Ursa Major’s Golden Hour Recovery Cream.

Not only does Cabello love its clean ingredients, but she says it really locks in the moisture — major points for anyone with dry skin — making it easy for her to choose the product as the final step in her skin care routine, right after washing her face.

Her Fave #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt Product

Every beauty girlie knows that TikTok is your one-stop shop for finding all. the. things. Cabello is no different. Case in point: She hopped on the gua sha trend — believing it could make her face “look more snatched” — after stumbling across it on her FYP. “I can see a difference, even if it’s a placebo,” she says of her post gua sha look, making gua sha now a staple in her routine.

While she hasn’t started using it yet, the “Million to One” singer was also inspired to purchase the viral SolaWave Wand recently, thanks to the queen of glazed doughnut skin and nails. “Hailey [Bieber] was using it, and I was like, ‘I want it’,” Cabello says. “She really knows her skin care; I’ve watched all her videos on skin care.”

The No. 1 Product Cabello Is Using In Hair Growth Journey

Another TikTok fave, the Dyson Airwrap is quickly becoming one of Cabello’s favorite products, but she’s also reminding herself not to use it every day because she’s on her “hair growth journey.” (Heat + hair = not it.)

Cabello compares this journey to going the the gym; she has an entire routine she follows. The most important step: applying Divi’s Scalp Serum every day. The hair oil, which has amino acids, peptides, and rosemary oil, helps to get rid of product buildup so you have a clean and healthy scalp for your hair to grow from.

For the Cinderella star, the trick is to get an amazing scalp brush and give yourself a deep scalp massage. Not washing your hair and avoiding too much heat help as well. (This is why they call it a journey, people.) When asked if she’s noticed a difference in her tresses, Cabello says, “I really have, honestly.” So, you could say all this work really is... worth it.