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9 Wendy Davis Quotes That Will Empower You To Fight For Women's Rights


Wendy Davis rocks, pure and simple. She is the outspoken politician from Texas turning the Senate upside down. She doesn't vote with the majority; she votes and fights for women's rights.

She is best known as the Democrat who stood for 13 hours filibustering a bill that would place new restrictions on abortion clinics and ban abortions after 20 weeks. She stood long enough to kill the bill during the first session.

But, she is so much more than that one incredible act. She has been fighting for change for years. She gives me hope that even in a conservative state like Texas, there are people fighting for gender equality one bill at a time.

Here are my favorite Wendy Davis quotes that will have you feeling empowered, inspired and ready to make a change:

When asked what she would say directly to Governor Rick Perry:

During her filibuster:

On being a badass:

After the filibuster, in an article she wrote for CNN:

On being an inspiration:

On why she filibustered, in an op-ed for The Washington Post:

On abortion, while running for governor and speaking at the University of Texas at Brownsville:

On having an undesired abortion, from her memoir, “Forgetting to Be Afraid”:

On losing: