17 Post-Gym Hairstyles That'll Make Your Sweaty Strands Look Chic

Making it to the gym is only half the battle. The real work is figuring out what to do with my hair afterward because, as you've probably noticed, an intense sweat session completely obliterates any hairstyle. Curly or straight, my hair never makes it out of a workout alive.

To keep my hair somewhat intact, I usually wear cornrows while planking my way to fit. Other times, I'll stick a dad hat on top of my natural mop for 30 minutes of strength training so I can at least look decent after sweating.

Since I'm an on-the-go kinda girl, fitness doesn't stop my busy schedule. I've learned how to whip up post-gym hairstyles perfect for everything from a dinner date to a concert. Here are a few of my inspirations -- don't forget the dry shampoo.

First of all, the messy bun is the most clutch post-gym hairstyle of all time.

A neat bun can also elevate your after-workout appearance.

After a spin class, pull your damp strands into effortless space buns.

Something about a flirty bang makes it look like you never even touched the gym.

Any half up, half down style works after pumping iron.

The hun is overdone, but still perfect for short post-gym hair.

Long hair tends to look lifeless after a run, so toss it into a high ponytail for a sleek look.

Jazz it up even more with a loose braid.

Pretend you skipped twerk class with a loose fishtail.

Fluffy, natural hair only needs a few bobby pins for pin-up girl appeal.

Low, bridal-chic buns double as a happy hour look after the elliptical.

If your curly hair falls flat after a sweat session, add mousse for loose waves.

Braid your bun for added flare.

Take these pigtails straight from Equinox to a concert.

Classic cornrows also make for a cute, wear-anywhere style.

Let's be honest, it probably won't be that neat if you're in a rush.

The point is not to put too much pressure on your hair. 'Fro it up and let it be.