Every Girl's Timeline Of Getting Ready For A Friday Night Out

by Ashley Fern

The work week is over and you've made it to yet another Friday -- finally. You wrestle with the idea of staying in and catching up on sleep or going out with your friends.

You spend all Friday workday toying with this idea, but as much as you should stay in, you know that is absolutely never going to happen.

Isn't this what the weekend is for? To relieve the stress of work? To finally see your friends whom you probably haven't seen since last weekend's atrocities?

The internal struggle is real, but you know you're going out and thus the getting-ready process begins.

8 am: You wake up annoyed and exhausted, but alas, it's Friday! That's enough motivation to get you up and going. You actually have a smile on your face as you head into your office.

11 am: You do two hours of work and wonder why time is moving so slowly.

12:30 pm: Your Gchat game is out of control right now. You're mass messaging all of your friends that it's FRIDAY and you can't wait for the weekend. Too bad you haven't even reached the midway point of your day.

1 pm : You check all forms of social media to find out: who's in town, what people are doing tonight, whose birthday it is and how much effort you're gonna have to put in tonight to look good.

1:30 pm: It's lunch time, which only means one thing: You base what you eat on your plans for the night, even if you don't know exactly what they are yet.

If you think you'll be binge drinking, you'll eat a lot of bread so you're not white girl wasted; if you think you need to fit into a tight dress, you wont eat anything at all -- same goes if you plan on hooking up with a boy.

3:30 pm: You start sending and receiving texts about possible plans for the evening. The guys tell you it's too early for any concrete decisions, but the girls are on your page. They get it -- it's never too early to start planning, especially when you know it's a hair washing night.

4:30 pm: You have established your girl crew for the evening, making a pact to stick together for the night. You think about who you want to pregame with and divide and conquer. You reconvene via group chat to discuss the options.

4:45 pm: You suddenly get really, really tired. You debate staying in because you are in the middle of a "One Tree Hill" marathon, despite the fact that you have already seen every season (four plus times) and made a pact with your friends.

4:48 pm: You push the tired feeling out of your mind while you down two cups of coffee and think of outfit options. Will anyone notice if you wear the same jeans as last week? Is there any photo evidence? No one will notice if you repeat black jeans, will they?

5:00 pm: The day is almost over, so you must decide how you are going to accomplish your after work activities while still giving yourself ample time to get ready.

Do you need a manicure? That will take 40 minutes. Do you want to go to the gym? That will take at least an hour. It's Friday, so it's a showering night, which is an hour long (if not more) process in and of itself.

7:45 pm: You've hit the gym and gotten a freshly done manicure, the problem is you now don't have time to cook dinner. But let's be real -- were you planning on cooking anyway?

Probably not, that's what Seamless is for. You place your order and jump in the shower, hoping that by the time you're done, your food has arrived.

7:49 pm: You stand in the shower debating if it's worth shaving your legs or not, too bad you took too long because now your doorbell is ringing with your dinner.

You grab a towel with conditioner still in your eye as you stick your arm and half your face out the door to grab your food. Toss it on the counter and continue showering. 

7:57 pm: You emerge from the shower only to realize your day's worth of mascara has basically turned into a Halloween mask. You spend the next five to 10 minutes trying to wash the sh*t off your face so you can apply a fresh coat.

After you no longer resemble a raccoon, you move on to the hair products.

8:15 pm: You literally inhale your delivery so that you can finally start getting ready for the night. While you eat, you go over possible outfit combinations in your head and simultaneously text your girl friends asking what they are thinking of wearing.

Short answer: No one knows. You realize you're in your 20s and should probably be able to get ready on your own, but sadly you still can't.

9:30 pm: After attempting, failing and attempting again, your top eye liner is finally where you want it to be. You're flying high because your wings are finally even, bam, take that Pinterest.

Your hair and makeup are finally done and the quest to find the perfect outfit finally begins. Side note: Your friends still don't know what they're wearing.

10:07 pm: Everything you own is on the floor, but FINALLY you have figured out what to wear. Is all black a problem? Absolutely not. You spend the next 10-15 minutes trying to "pack your bag." Mascara and lip gloss? Check. ID? Check. Keys and money? Check.

You know you will be clutching (no pun intended) your cell phone until you arrive at the pregame so you don't have to worry about putting that in your bag for now.

10:25 pm: You hail a cab to take you to your friends' apartment because everyone knows showing up to a pregame alone is social suicide. Okay, you have your group of three, but wait, isn't there someone missing? Of course there is -- this is the girl who's always late without fail.

You take a vote on whether or not you should wait for her or make her meet you at the pregame; the latter always wins because majority rules and no one feels like waiting any longer.

10:50 pm: You're still at your friends' apartment; no one wants to show up to a pregame sober. You spent the last 25 minutes taking shots and talking about what's in store for the night. Your friend is still running late as you give her one more opportunity to meet you before the pregame.

11:15 pm: You and your friends show up to the pregame a fashionable 45 minutes late, but it's okay because your late friend surely won't arrive for another 30 minutes making you look like you're right on time.

You chug shots while taking photos and deciding which filter makes everyone look tan and thin -- there is always one person who is left unhappy, but as long as the majority give the go-ahead, that sh*t gets posted.

12:45 am: After your late friend arrives and a heavy discussion that considers everyone's opinion takes place, everyone finally heads out to the night's destination. You spend the next few hours getting completely sh*tfaced and having "the best time of your life."

3:15 am: Pizza or penis? That is the question.

*PSA: If you have to question washing your hair, you should just wash it.*

Photo via We Heart It