7 Moments You Only Have With Your BFF That Define Girl Power


Where would we be without our BFFs?

Having great girlfriends — one, at least— is a necessity if you plan to make it through this life (and these fuckboys) in one piece.

Not only are they the people who know you inside and out, but they're also the ones who reel you in when the world tries to bend you out of shape.

Stereotypes often paint women as catty and incapable of supporting one another. Those are false AF, and misogyny-bred.

Sure, we have disagreements as regularly as men do. The difference is, ours get attributed to our gender.

But the truth is, our friendships with other women are often the most important relationships in our lives. They are a source of joy, and they grow and shape us in both girlhood and womanhood.

Here are a few BFF moments that spell out "girl power" in the best ways:

1. You text her about going on a date with a creep, and she pulls up to help you ghost that buster.


This is what I call a "pull-up partner," people.

Having a friend who will drop everything to come and get you when shit gets cray with a guy is gold. It's a prime and practical example of how women's empowerment works to fight misogyny every day.

Sometimes, it's as light-hearted as his terrible body odor. Other times, it's more serious, and you need to be gone ASAP.

Either way, bestie is the she-ro who will save you from that disaster date.

2. You loan each other outfits for important moments.


If you and your BFF are blessed enough to wear a similar size, you know how clutch this can be.

Not every week has a new outfit in the budget. It's great to have a friend who can come through with the perfect dress, or spot you the best pair of shoes to go with your own stuff.

3. You drunk cry over fresh exes, and tell one another they didn't deserve you anyway.


These nights are (hopefully) fleeting... but they do happen.

We don't always say no to fuckboys, and when we say yes, it can turn out pretty terribly.

But once it's over, at least you can look forward to a good night in with great wine, and an even greater bestie who'll give you her shoulder to cry on.

4. You remind each other to not feel slut-shamed by a guy who wants to date exclusively, but doesn't want a title.


Sure: We know we can do whatever we want.

But sometimes, taking the time to remind one another is the best push in the world.

5. We get OD excited for any little accomplishment.


You and your best friend high-key know the majority of your respective life goals.

So, every time one of you gets closer to reaching them, it's a huge deal for BOTH of you. That may or may not include screaming at the top of your lungs and jumping around.

6. You perform the "girl power" anthems you both grew up listening to. 


There's nothing like belting out the lyrics to the songs that got you over your first love, made you feel like you could take over the world or simply gave you more confidence before you stepped out for a night of partying.

You might be singing off-key and getting some of the words wrong because it's been a minute, but it's all good because it's just you and your BFF.

7. You encourage each other's "awkward girl" antics. 


Being "that awkward girl" can be, well, awkward. It usually feels most uncomfortable during childhood, but it can last well into your 20s.

Finding your footing isn't exactly about not being awkward anymore; it's more about embracing it.

That works out 10 times better when you have a BFF who is just as quirky as you are, and also encourages you to be exactly who you are.

In other words: Girl power is an actual, factual super power.


And don't you forget it.