These Hilarious Tweets About How To Escape A Bad Date Are Actually Good Advice

by Sean Abrams
The Weinstein Company

Despite having a decent conversation with someone online, sometimes, that anticipated date just doesn't go as planned.

We've all found ourselves in situations where that super cute, really funny Tinder match ends up being a total dud in person.

The conversation is bland, their photos were extremely outdated and you can already tell that hell will freeze over before you schedule a second date.

If you're like me, you're a genuinely nice person, and you'll just grin and bear it before it's time for that end-of-the-night, awkward hug.

But sometimes, the date goes from mediocre to atrocious so fast, and you are itching to find an easy escape route to get out of this mess.

You're not seated close enough to the front door to run out, so how conspicuous would it be to throw yourself through a glass window? Not so much?

Well, a few Twitter users used the trending hashtag #HowToEscapeADate to give their two cents on getting out of terrible date scenarios. As it turns out, some of their hilarious tweets actually ended up giving some pretty great advice.

Here are some of the highlights that'll teach you exactly how to run away from that awful date you're on:

This "shit" is no joke.


I'm just too busy loving myself, thank you very much.

Hopefully, your date isn't a cat person in this case.


The mere thought of Trump is a guaranteed boner killer.

Tell them you've already started researching the best public school districts.


The best defense is a good offense.

Sometimes, it's best just to be honest and upfront.


If you're not a peanut butter fan, you're dead to me.

It's as if Adele's album is on repeat in your head.


Sorry, I pulled my groin ordering Seamless.

So, there you have it. Instead of wasting precious time on a date you're not even interested in, use any of the above words of wisdom to escape unscathed.

Just make sure to leave a tip.

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