This Is What People Who Are Naturally Positive Know That You Don't

It's very easy to get caught up in the negativity of life. In the span of an entire day, things are bound to happen that will allow negative thoughts to creep into your mind.

Picture this: Your alarm didn't go off, and now you're late for work. This normally wouldn't be an issue but you have a meeting at 9 am and your office is 45 minutes away. You're rushing and flustered, you get to your car and realize you left your keys on the table. Now you're frustrated.

This frustration causes you to speed, and you get pulled over. Now you're definitely going to be late for your meeting. However, you're considerate and apologetic, and since the officer is feeling generous, he lets you off with a warning.

This positive moment in a negative morning provides a sigh of relief. Not only do you end up making it to the meeting on time, but your coworker has brought in coffee. You appreciate this, given you left your coffee sitting on the counter when you left your place.

It's called the law of attraction: what you project will come back to you. Basically, negative energy attracts negative situations, and positive energy attracts positive situations.

You have the option of handling every situation life throws at you however you'd like. If you believe that something bad will happen, it will. On the other hand, if you believe that something good will happen, the same rule will apply.

You can use this concept in any aspect of your life: personal and professional.

If you wake up every morning choosing to approach the day with a positive mindset, you will often end the day with positive results. Try to turn any negative moment into something good.

When you get stuck in traffic, instead of getting angry, accept it for what it is: just traffic. Use it as an opportunity to jam out to your favorite songs, or talk on the phone to a friend.

The easiest way to keep a positive mindset is to start appreciating the most basic gifts we receive each day.

Appreciate the simple fact that you woke up and have another day to live. Appreciate the fact that you can see, and then appreciate the beauty of the earth around you. If you appreciate the little things and believe in the big things, they will come.

The beauty of life is that we wake up every morning with a choice to make, and no one gets to make that choice but us. The choice of “How will I approach today?” is the most important choice we can make in a day. It lays the foundation for every other choice after it.

The most amazing thing about the human mind, is our instinctive ability to metaphorically "force the sun to shine," no matter what. Think about that for a moment.

Think of the woman going through a horrible breakup, but still going to work with a smile on her face. She's forcing the sun to shine. Think of the old man, who lost his wife of 30 years to cancer, but still wakes up every morning at 6 am, and heads to Starbucks to meet his friends for coffee and conversation. He's forcing the sun to shine.

There's no question that both the man and woman may be hurting deep down. It would be very easy for them to handle their situations negatively. Inwardly they may grieve, but they don't project that energy out to the world.

The old rule applies, “fake it, 'til you make it."

Fake a smile as often as you can, and soon enough, that smile will come on its own. Give yourself the opportunity to believe in the happiness you wish to achieve, and that happiness will find its way into your life.

Our ability to force the sun to shine gives us unlimited power to make our day what we want it to be, instead of letting it be whatever it will. Anything is possible, believe this and it will happen.