The Law of Attraction: 30 Ways You Can Attract What You Dream Of

by Kylie Kennedy

The law of attraction is a very insightful law by which to live. In other words, your ability to become intuitive will skyrocket if you attract what you want in life, especially what you dream of.

Do you dream of traveling the world? Do you dream of writing a book? Do you dream of opening up your very own coffee shop?


Everyone has unique dreams that differ from one another, but whatever that dream may be, it’s completely possible.

Spread your wings. Search for your purpose and freedom in this life. Most importantly, be as real as they come.

Demonstrate to others that life isn’t all that tough if we come to understand how lucky we are to be alive in this beautiful world, where miracles take place every day.

All it takes is grasping on to our fullest potential to do what we love, holding it closely and never letting it go.

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period. - Will Smith, "Pursuit of Happiness"

Here are 30 tips to help you attract what you truly dream of in life:

1. Be positive.

Walk around with the most positive attitude possible, so positive people don’t know what to think. When you speak, do it with good intentions.

Attract positive thoughts no matter what you’re going through. The more positivity you have in your life, the less negativity exists.

2. Be grateful; appreciate everything.

There’s nothing in this world we shouldn’t be grateful for.

Be grateful for your family. Be grateful for your friends. Be grateful for a home. Be grateful for food to eat. Be grateful for adventure.

Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have any of these things. Some of us start with absolutely nothing. Don’t take anything for granted.

3. Believe in your own dreams.

Attract what you dream of because once your dreams come true, life turns into an endless miracle.

Anything and everything you need or want is out there. Just believe you, without question, have what it takes.

4. Follow your intuition.

You are the only one who has control over what goes on in your mind.

If something feels so right, it’s probably something you should do. If you have urges, listen to them carefully. In a sense, be willing to let your intuition guide you.

5. Follow your heart with courage.

The law of attraction has everything to do with following your heart. Even if following your heart leads to heartache, meet heartache with courage. Courage gives you strength.

Don’t let the influence of others bring you down. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and don’t forget to support them during their journeys, as well.

6. Listen to your gut instinct.

We’ve always been told our gut instinct is usually right. Whether it’s right or wrong, our gut can usually sense something is a little wobbly.

Pay attention to this feeling and be mindful of it. There are very greedy people in this world, which is why it’s important to always be on our toes.

7. Give to others and help others.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. We’ve all heard this statement, haven’t we?

Attract to yourself the way you want to be treated by equally treating others with kindness. It creates a world filled with virtuous karma.

8. Travel to be inspired on a whole new level.

Traveling is hands-down one of my top and most important priorities in life. Every time I travel, I am immensely exposed to a whole different part of the world I previously knew nothing about.

When we see new places, we gain new perspectives and new perspectives are always a wonderful addition to the way we live our lives.

9. Make time to do what YOU enjoy.

The law of attraction suggests we attract what we want.

Do you want more time to do what you enjoy most? If so, make that time because there’s plenty of it. Don’t make excuses. Time is just an idea with numbers and a clock ticking.

10. No buts. No what ifs. No can’ts. No won’ts.

Nothing is "too hard" to accomplish.

11. Be real with everyone.

Let’s be real: Nobody likes fake personalities. If you can’t be real, it will be extremely difficult to attract real.

To be real is to be honest; to be real is to be kind, and to be real is to admit to your failures.

12. Practice what you preach; don’t be a hypocrite.

Show others that if you can do something, anyone can. If you want to practice putting good into the world, then you must preach about putting good into the world.

13. Realize your imagination is very powerful.

Imagine your dreams coming true. The law of attraction is all about imagining what you want and turning it into a reality.

If you’re always thinking about your dreams or imagining them, you will work that much harder for them.

14. Be passionate about what interests you.

Be enthusiastic to learn about what you’ve always been interested in. If you’re truly passionate about something, you will take the time to learn about it.

15. Conquer your failures.

If you fail, rinse, wash, repeat. Always attract success and happiness.

16. Realize worry, stress and fear don’t matter.

None of us like to worry, to be stressed out or to be terribly afraid of something.

If we focus on eliminating worry, stress and fear, our lives will begin to grow happier. Embrace the unknown with wide-open arms and a heart waiting to be filled with adventure.

17. Recognize everything happens for a reason.

Attract your ability to succeed, no matter what happens. Life is very mysterious, in a beautiful way.

18. Be honest; lies are worthless.

If you attract the truth by always telling the truth, you will never have anything to hide. If you’re ashamed of something, admit to it.

Never throw anyone under the bus, and more importantly, don’t ever blame someone else for your wrong doings. Right your wrongs and own your mistakes.

19. Live as if every day is a miracle.

Live like your dreams are coming true every single day. Live as if there won’t be a tomorrow. Miracles will begin to unfold all around you.

There are two ways you can live: as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein

20. Be open-minded.

In order to attract what you want, you have to possess an open mind. Having an open mind gives you the ability to obtain multiple perspectives.

21. Don’t let school get in the way of your education.

One of my favorite professors used to say this all the time.

In other words, school isn’t the only place you receive education; you also learn from experiences.

22. Learn from EVERYONE.

Not only do we learn from our experiences, it’s also important to realize we can learn something from everyone. We all have something to learn or teach one another. This is pure evidence for why we are ALL capable of anything.

23. See the best in people.

If we see the best in others, they will most likely see the best in us, hence the law of attraction. Start out by giving someone the benefit of the doubt. If he or she ends up disappointing you, cross that bridge when you get to it.

24. Believe in abundance and freedom.

Along with freedom comes abundance. By achieving freedom, I don’t mean having all the money in the world to do whatever you please.

Set yourself free and help others to be set free by simply appreciating life and the abundance it brings.

25. Focus on your needs vs. wants.

Attract what you need and your wants will begin to prosper. If we don’t dial in on our needs first, we won’t be able to understand the importance of them. Our needs are needs.

The wants will come along when they’re meant to.

26. Don’t get caught up in the idea that money buys happiness.

Money buys material things.

Money can’t buy passion or love. Money can’t buy ambition or success. Money can’t buy dreams or purpose or meaning to life.

If all I had was a penny left in my pocket and someone needed it, I would give it up in a heartbeat.

27. Remember, there’s always room to improve.

Nobody is perfect in this world. You may not be born as a prodigy or born with the talent you wish you could have, but if you practice, you learn.

Why not gain the knowledge about everything that interests you and then improve on what matters most?

28. Don’t give up.

Ever. Never. Period.

29. Be patient.

Patience is a virtue. I always dream about achieving my goals in the fast lane, but sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way.

We just have to go with the flow.

30. Inspire others; motivate them.

Aspire to inspire. With your ambition and enthusiasm, motivate others.

Show others that life is all about the adventure and the journey. Through our imagination is how our dreams spiral out of control and into control. Once they’re in control, seize each and every day as if it were your last.

Captivate what you dream of and don’t ever settle for less.