The Little Things: 9 Everyday Gestures You Should Thank Him For

by Kaylie Corallo

There comes a point in every serious relationship when you realize your boyfriend has become your best friend.

If you really think about it, you do everything with him you would with your best friend: coffee outings, shopping trips, beach days, sleepovers, movie dates and splitting bottles of Pinot.

While dating your best friend is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, becoming comfortable together makes it easy to take all that he does for you for granted.

These are gestures that make you look at him and think, "How did I get so lucky?" Now don't get me wrong; I am all for being an independent feminist, but sometimes, it's nice to show a little appreciation for the guy who spends his time trying to impress you.

Call your man a call and give him a quick, “Thank you, babycakes” for these nine little things:

1. Letting you call to vent about that person annoying you

Sometimes, you just need to talk it out in order to feel better.

Thanks for letting me talk feverishly fast and heated about that person annoying me, even though in a week it won't matter. Having you there to simply listen is a blessing in itself.

2. Making you laugh when you feel like crying

My emotional roller coaster would have way more ups and downs if it weren't for your man.

Thanks for always putting things into perspective when I'm exaggerating or overacting. You can always turn my cry sesh into a laugh sesh.

3. Opening the car door for you every time

Despite what Grandmother may think, chivalry is not dead.

My heart melts every time he opens the car door, or any door for that matter. I love that it has become a habit; it's probably the best habit you have ever formed.

When we are in parking lots and I see women opening their own doors, I think of how lucky I am.

4. Listening to you complain

...About cramps, diet, bikini bod, gym workout, etc. And he still says you're too pretty to complain.

There is always something going on, isn't there? One day it's cramps, the next it's a bad hair day.

Thanks for letting me indulge in a box of chocolate chip cookies without judgment, and listening to me whine the next day about how fat I am. Also, thanks for telling me I'm pretty, no matter what mood I'm in.

5. Calling you to say he's thinking about you

Though this may not be an everyday occurrence, this gesture is a foolproof way to instantly brighten any girl's day.

6. Agreeing with you even when you're wrong

What does Meghan Trainor say in "Dear Future Husband?" Why disagree? The lady gives good advice.

Thanks for understanding the weird control issue I have when it comes to being correct. It could be as simple as going the wrong way or remembering something in particular.

I appreciate that you mostly just smile and laugh at how ridiculous this minor flaw of mine is.

7. Encouraging your sleepy habits every morning

That alarm is so much less painful when waking up next to the one you love. Those five minutes of extra cuddling, which infallibly turn into 20, can make all the difference.

Bonus: hearing, "Five more minutes, babe," in that sexy morning voice.

8. Supporting your “drinks for dinner” way of life

Sometimes life gives you a rough day at the office and food therapy just won't do.

I need that bottle of wine; I  know I can always count of you to bring it to me and join in my misery.

9. Making your coffee just right in the morning

He does it mostly for himself so you can actually function like a human rather than a monster in the morning.

This is quite possibly the biggest thing I forget to thank my man for.

Thanks for knowing I need the world's strongest cup of coffee in the morning, with just the right amount of vanilla cream and Sugar In The Raw.

The list goes on for days, but it's important to remind him that you notice the little things. Whether we show it or not, we appreciate everything they do and continue to do for us; all the hugs and kisses in the world would not be enough to thank them for their love.