The Importance Of Positive Conditioning: Why You Need To Blind Yourself To The Negative


While positivity is an important factor in both life and business, the subject has been overly saturated with unnecessary material and strategies that don't work. Is being positive crucial to achieving your dreams? Yes. But probably not for the reasons you think.

Being positive is crucial for a factor many seem to forget: to make you blind to negativity. Positivity and negativity are not compatible. Being positive for the sake of positivity is not useful, but becoming blind to negativity is a powerful mental strategy.

You love your family, your business, your personal tastes and likes, and certain places, values and principles, like loyalty and gratitude. You also have negative tastes, things and values, like jealously, anger, scarcity and tangible materials and activities you dislike.

Humans can’t focus on both simultaneously. In order to understand the positive, you must cut off everything that’s negative and vice-versa. When you're positive, you're blind to negativity, and more importantly, when you're negative, you're blind to positivity. They’re like two different radio frequencies; you can only hear the one to which you're tuned.

To clarify, to "become blind to negative things," does not refer to problems or disasters. Those are objective occurrences over which you have no control. They're not negative or positive, they just happen and we must deal with them. Rather, I'm referring to being blind to all people, activities, states of mind and other elements that you will bring you down, distance you from your goals and go against your best interests.

Being positive is a great weapon, not for the sake of actually being positive, but for being blind to negativity. And being blind to negativity is a crucial factor in an environment in which your performance depends on your mental state, good mood and overall well-being.

One of the biggest reasons I make an effort to remain positive is that if I’m focused on negativity for a second, it will make me blind to positive things. I will have people contributing, giving me things, interacting with me and doing good for me, and I won’t be able to give back to them — or even see what they’re doing— because I’m focused on negativity.

Focus on the people, the values related to your purpose and what you’re doing, and forget everything else. Focus and obsess over your ideas with your trusted people. You don’t have the time to entertain the negative side of life, if it exists.

Choose to focus on the positive, condition yourself and become blind to the negative.

Photo via We Heart It