6 Totally Natural Body Parts We Somehow Still Get Shamed For Having

We live in a world where everyone is overly conscious of their body because of the stigma society has put on so many different body parts.

Despite how much we say “all body shapes and sizes are perfect and beautiful," we still cling onto body hate. Is worrying about how your armpits look necessary, or constructive, when you're working hard to become a surgeon? Is worrying about a double chin useful when you're managing two jobs and parenthood?


Yet, we still leave insulting comments on social media about one's body which encourages self-hate. Humans are fragile: it's easy to hurt someone with couple of words, especially when those words can be seen by the entire world online.

What can we do about this body-hate phenomenon? Stopping the bullies is not going to happen overnight, but you seeing yourself as beautiful instead of ugly can. Stop worrying about things you can't change. Free yourself from this burden and you'll discourage others from body shaming you and people like you.

Here's a list of body parts we love to shame for no reason. Read it, acknowledge it and celebrate your body. Then move on and conquer the world, because that is why you're here, girl.

1. Breast Size And Shape

I put this on the top of the list because society pays a lot of attention to breasts, and judges them all too much. There is little one can do about her breasts, except cosmetic surgery.

It's normal to have different sized breasts and it's normal for their shape to be different from other women's. In fact, a bra manufacturer says there are no less than seven types of breast shapes.

2. Arms And Arm Hair

Luckily, summer is over, but worrying about how your arms look is all the rage in the spring. There are way too many people who give up on sleeveless clothes because they hate their arms. We do this because we are trained to believe perfect arms are narrow -- like the ones belonging to models.

The reality is, we need to eat in order to work and this means our arms are soft and wide and may carry stretch marks. This is how they supposed to be. While I'm on it, stop hating your arm hair.

We all have arm hair and armpit hair, some of us more than others. And this is normal. No one is going to look at you differently because you have arm hair, and no sane man is going to dump you because of that either.

3. Hairline

There's more hair to worry about: your hairline. Sideburns are too long, necks are too hairy and baby hair became a disgusting thing to have.

All my life I've had lots of baby hair on my uneven hairline and it never stopped me from getting the hairstyles I wanted. My stylist never found my baby hair to be something to worry about. And you know what? I love having those fluffy little hairs which never stay how I put them, because it's part of who I am.

4. The Lack Of A Thigh Gap

The thigh gap is one of the most talked about body issues that society has tricked us into believing is worth our worry. Regardless how much you exercise, if you weren't born with a thigh gap, you'll never have one.

Look at a bunch of successful women and see if they have thigh gaps. Newsflash: most of them don't.

However, many of them may have dimply thighs, which is another thing we were taught to hate. You can be really skinny and still have lumpy thighs, and a plus size woman can have a thigh gap and smooth thighs. Why? Genetics. We're totally powerless about this, so no need to worry about it.

5. Acne Breakouts

When we were in our teens we believed breakouts would be a thing of the past by the time we reached adulthood. Well, they're not.

At almost 30, I still sometimes look like a teenage version of myself.

Breakouts happen because of hormones, pollution, stress -- the list can go on. Stop hating your skin because of your breakouts and start admiring other parts of your face. Like your hazel eyes.

The eyes are the window's to the soul right? They're also the first thing someone notices when they look at you, not your acne.

6. Down There

Men have been judged for their genitals for a long time, but now women are joining the club too. Too small, too big, too soft and too hairy are some of the common labels.

We don't flaunt our genitals to everyone on the street, yet we seem to be worrying a lot about how they look. There's no such thing as a perfect universal size, so what might be too small for you, may be perfect for someone else.

As for other aspects, each person perceives things differently, so we like different things. The only worry you should have about down there is whether or not you're healthy.