F*ck A Thigh Gap: 11 Reasons Why I Want My Thighs Thick

by Alexia LaFata
Julien L. Balmer

The days of the thigh gap are over -- though most of us would say they shouldn't have started to begin with.

Girls have gone through great lengths to achieve a thigh gap: They've regarded images like this on Tumblr as a "beauty ideal"; they've developed a wide range of eating disorders; they've even used photoshop to fabricate one.

Even companies like Urban Outfitters and Target have tried to perpetuate this terrible, terrible trend.

Now, when you search "thigh gap" on Tumblr, a message comes up asking you if you're OK. Because what was once seen online as beautiful, is increasingly seen as, well, only possible if your natural bone structure allows for it.

There are certainly women who have thigh gaps, and those women are certainly beautiful. But there are plenty more women who don't and will never be able to have one.

And this is not because they aren't dieting hard enough or because they're overweight.

Instead, it's because the width of their hip bones compared to the length of their femoral heads (the highest part of their thigh bones) prevents them from having one -- which is not exactly something 1,000 leg exercises will change.

Thankfully, though, society has begun to admire women of all shapes and sizes, including women with wonderfully thick thighs.

So, here are 11 reasons why I want my thighs thick, and so should you.

1. The big booty movement, by default, loves big thighs.

In 2014, we experienced the booty movement. Big butts were everywhere -- revered by Meghan Trainor in her catchy hit "All About That Bass," admired in J.Lo and Iggy Azalea in their steamy music video for "Booty" and considered something fun to eat.

The best part about all of this is if you have a big booty, you probably have thick thighs anyway, so there's no better time than right now to embrace them.

2. Strong is the new skinny.

If your thighs are thick, that means they're strong. And "thinspiration" social media accounts are out.

It's the female lift-positive fitness coaches and #GirlsWhoLift users you want to get onto your Instagram feed -- those who will encourage you to brave those weights at the gym, to not deprive yourself of your favorite foods and, most importantly, to value strong over skinny, especially when it comes to your thighs.

Fitness model and coach Paige Hathaway has 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

She regularly posts photos of herself proudly showing off her muscular arms, sculpted ass and -- you guessed it! -- thick thighs.

And dozens of other female fitness gurus on Instagram share her dedication to strength, including Ana Delia De IturrondoRachel Brathen and Amanda Kuclo.

The #GirlsWhoLift hashtag account is equally as inspiring. Its over 3 million posts are filled with real women who inspire other real women to work toward strength.

Strong is not only the new skinny, but the new beautiful.

3. You last longer dancing at the club than your friends.

Since your thighs are strong, they're better suited for dancing long hours at a party or the club.

At 2 am, your friends will complain about how their legs just can't even anymore. Your legs, however, always can.

And where others are falling at their heeled feet, you'll be pressing on into the night, ready to hit up your favorite after-hours pizza place. And isn't that all a girl really wants?

4. You have better sex.

When it comes to sex, physical strength -- especially in your legs -- is key to a good, lasting session.

So, ladies, forget those passive positions like missionary and doggy style; your thick, strong thighs are perfect for all those crazy sex positions that utilize a hell of a lot of leg muscle, including cowgirl and doing it while standing.

Your muscular thighs give you the confidence to embrace these positions and more that require some strength and effort -- which means you're a really awesome person to have sex with.

5. You have more warmth down there.

Who needs a cold, uncomfortable breeze to blow through your thighs in the wintertime? With thick thighs, you have extra warmth in between your legs when you're walking outside.

After braving a winter as cold as this one, you're sure to be grateful for a little extra meat on your bones.

6. Your phone won't fall in the toilet if you drop it while playing with it.

Imagine you're just innocently browsing Facebook while going to the bathroom when suddenly, you accidentally drop your phone onto your lap.

If you had a thigh gap, your brand new iPhone 6 would plunge right between your thighs and into the toilet, forcing you to say goodbye to it forever.

Your thick thighs, on the other hand, would catch the phone before it reached its demise and cradle it like a fragile newborn child. Thanks to your thighs, your phone is saved.

If that isn't enough of a reason to love thick thighs, I don't know what is.

7. You can give WWE finishers back to your boyfriend.

Enough said.

8. On the hot female cartoon character spectrum, you lean more toward Jessica Rabbit.

While everyone else is obsessed with emulating the unrealistic daintiness of Disney princesses like Belle, Ariel and Cinderella, your wide hips and voluptuous thighs resemble those of everyone's favorite redhead, Jessica Rabbit.

And she's way sexier than any princess.

9. Thick thighs might be healthier for your heart.

A 2009 Danish study suggests thicker thighs might decrease your risk of heart disease and increase your life expectancy.

Over the course of 10 years, researchers studied the health of 3,000 men and women and found that those whose thighs were over 23.6 inches in circumference experienced less risk of serious health problems than those with smaller thighs.

The researchers hypothesized that participants with narrow thighs didn't have enough muscle mass to handle insulin correctly, which led to an increased risk of diabetes and, subsequently, heart disease.

10. Stressing about an impossible-to-achieve body isn't fun.

Yearning for a thigh gap when your bone structure won't allow you to have one is like yearning to grow wings from your spine.

Just a reminder that it literally, physically can't happen, so why stress about it?

11. You'll feel better if you embrace your natural body type than if you aspire for another one.

Thigh gaps are impossible to achieve if your body isn't predispositioned for one. And true body confidence comes from seeing the positive in what you have, not worrying about what you don't have.

If you admire the parts of your body that make you you, you'll realize how wonderful your thick thighs are.