Target Takes The Cake For Worst Photoshop Job With Latest Bikini Model Photo

Public Service Announcement: There seems to be one Target model's vagina missing in action and on the loose. If found, please return to the terrible photographer who mistakenly (hopefully!) Photoshopped it out of this swimsuit advertisement.

Gosh, hasn't anyone told Target that in order to have a proper thigh gap, you need an intact uterus?

The Target fail has since been wisely removed from the site (imagine how confusing it must have been to determine your size!), but that hasn't stopped them from hacking other models as well. And the case of disappearing body parts doesn't stop there!

If you look closely, this model even has spikes coming out of her hips and arms. Honestly, I could do a better Photoshop job on my old school Dell using "Paint" processor. In fact, I do. Target, stick to the real thing.

H/T: E! Online, Photos Courtesy: