5 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Her Vagina, As Told By A Gyno

by Dr. Pari

Probably since the time you discovered her, your vagina has been a source of mysticism. This one body part of yours can bring intense pleasure, annoying pain and even be the passageway for a new human.

In short, your vagina is amazing. As a gynecologist, I often find that for a body part that is so important, many women still don't know a few crucial facts about their vaginas.

Lady bits, vagine, petunia, vajajay, hoo-ha or kitty kat: Whatever you may call "your girl," she definitely wants you to know a few things about her. If she could speak, here are five things she'd like to inform you about:

1. She is likely normal.

It is normal to have two outer vaginal lips and two inner vaginal lips. Sometimes, these inner lips come out beyond the outer lips. This is normal. The only time a woman should even think about operating on the inner lips is if they are hanging down so much, they're hurting her.

Some women's inner lips are so long, it is uncomfortable to wear jeans, exercise or ride a bike. In this case, surgery should be considered, but never for vanity.

Trust me: Your boyfriend or husband is just happy to be in there. He isn't judging you. If he is, you should change your man, not your body.

2. She cleans herself.

To douche or not to douche? That is the question.

No, you shouldn't douche. That's the answer.

The vagina is a self-cleaner, and the self-cleaning relies on the environment of the vagina staying in perfect pH balance. This occurs when all of the good bacteria are in balance with the bad bacteria.

Douching can wipe out the good guys. Then, the next thing you know, the pH balance is off. Bacteria or yeast can overgrow, causing an infection.

Another bad thing douching can cause is this: If you have an STD — say gonorrhea or chlamydia — the force of the douche water can shoot the bacteria into the uterus and tubes, further increasing the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, a much more severe infection.

Douching also can simply irritate the lining of the vagina, causing pain and irritation. Douching has also been linked to decreased fertility in women who douche once a week (or more). That being said, douching is not an effective form of birth control. That's a total misconception. If you bank on douching, you may as well bank on jumping up and down 10 times.

3. She's a dead end.

People are always afraid they are going to lose something in their vaginas. This is impossible.

The vagina is closed around the cervix (the bottleneck of the uterus), thus creating a dead end. The cervix hole, when not dilated (like it is in labor), is way too small for something like a tampon or condom to pass through. So, the theory that something could travel up and get lost somewhere in your body is completely false.

4. She isn't going to stretch out from a lot of sex.

The urban legend that says that a woman who has a lot of sex becomes “loose” is not only completely derogatory and misogynistic, but it is also false. The vagina is elastic.

It expands for a penis during intercourse, and then collapses back to its resting size. The only thing that can cause a vagina to stretch out is the birthing process. So pump up those Kegel exercises after you have a baby.

5. If she seems different, she wants you to call the doctor.

If you smell, see or feel something that just isn't right, talk to your doctor. You may have something that needs to be treated.

Never assume you know what the problem is, and never self-treat it, especially if you're sexually active. I have seen countless STDs get mistaken for yeast infections or skin irritations. When in doubt, check it out.

So, there you have it. Hopefully you feel just a touch closer to your love box.  Even though she's a bit perplexing at times, she is loyal and unique. When stimulated, she can be a source of much excitement.

So get to know her, read about her and ask your doctor questions about her. I mean, you only have one.

Well, most of us only have one. Some people have two. (That's another fun fact she'd want you to know.)

Man, she really is complex. But that shouldn't come as a surprise, since she truly emulates the essence of a woman.