When To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar To Reap All Its Incredible Benefits

Personally, I've always loved waking up in the morning to a large, steaming cup of peppermint tea.

The warm brew feels gentle on my digestive system, and it prepares my body for the day.

Recently, though, everyone and their mother are tossing back shots of apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning to kickstart their immune systems, promote clear skin, and, well, reap the other endless ACV benefits.

There's no denying the magic ACV has to offer, and you absolutely should find ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

But the real question is not why, but when, and how?

To start, not all stomachs are morning stomachs.

For example, testing the phenomenon herself, Stephanie Eckelkamp told Prevention,

Maybe I drank it too fast, but after each glass of ACV-infused water, I felt like I'd just eaten something bad. Nothing crazy happened, but I had this uneasy sensation in my stomach, I burped a lot, and I felt like anything else I put down the hatch might end up coming right back up. So, yes, vinegar curbed my desire to eat, but not in a pleasant way.

Yikes. I can relate to that, as well.

There was a stretch of time between middle and high school where eating breakfast first thing in the morning always upset my stomach. Just looking at a bowl of cereal before 7 a.m. made me nauseous.

If this sounds like you, perhaps downing ACV on an empty stomach might be grounds for disaster

And that's OK!

There are so many alternative ways to incorporate this magical cider into your routine that can work for your body's unique preferences.

1. Drink ACV With Meals

Maneuvering a dose of apple cider vinegar into your diet doesn't have to be a dramatic process.

In fact, drinking it straight like a pro isn't very pro at all.

Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN, CEO and founder of Savorfull warned Well and Good that straight-shooting ACV is not suggested, as it's "super acidic and could cause harm to your teeth, esophagus, and digestive system.”

Instead, try diluting the acidic mixture with water to finish off breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a spoonful to ensure an easier digestion.

Can't take the bittersweet taste?

Get crafty in the kitchen by combining it with warm water, honey, and cinnamon for a cup of tea to sip through breakfast, add it to green smoothies, salad dressings, and soup to mask the taste but reap the benefits.

2. Make It Your Nightcap To Prevent Illness

Try opting for two tablespoons of the fermented apple juice just before bed to assist the body while you snooze.

Feel a cold coming on? Apple cider vinegar is loaded with potassium and vinegar, and will naturally thin out mucus in your nasal canals, preventing congestion.

You can even salvage a sore throat by gargling a mixture of equal parts ACV and warm water before bed.

3. Overall, Find What Works For You

The more wellness trends that pop up on social media, the more you learn about what will truly bring your body to a level of optimal health.

The truth is that your wellness journey is an individual experience, and what works for your body may not work for mine, or anyone else's -- and that's totally and completely OK.

Take the time to do your research and figure out how these trends will work for you rather than against you.