6 Benefits You'll Enjoy Throughout The Day If You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar In The Morning

by Caroline Burke

Apple cider vinegar is probably the best liquid miracle you've discovered since you first found out about coffee. What's more, if you drink apple cider vinegar in the morning, you'll get way more than a simple caffeine high. ACV cleans your skin, boosts your energy, and gives you wings — wait, that last one is Red Bull. OK, so apple cider vinegar is pretty much the exact opposite of Red Bull, although it may organically start to give you metaphorical wings if you use it long enough. The health benefits of ACV are limitless, and all you have to do is choke down a nasty spoonful of straight vinegar in order to enjoy the perks! If you're not looking to be the tough guy, though, there are a bunch of other ways you can ingest ACV. Because who wants to start their day off with a straight shot of acid?

It might be a little rough going down, but it is so worth it to make apple cider vinegar a part of your regular routine — bonus points if you can specifically make it a part of your morning routine, because taking just a sip or two will work to wake you up faster than any alarm clock you've ever had. Here are five benefits you'll enjoy if you drink apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning.

You'll Have Better Digestion Throughout The Day

One of the amazing capabilities of apple cider vinegar is that it balances pH with its acidity. Altering the pH of your stomach will allow your body to digest food more efficiently, which in turn can minimize bloating and acid reflux.

You'll Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

Apple cider vinegar is extremely effective at lowering blood sugar levels.

It's so effective, in fact, that it's been used in research related to diabetes patients: In a study conducted at Arizona State University, scientists concluded that people who take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar along with a snack have lower blood sugar levels than those who took two tablespoons of water with a snack. So if you're someone who's especially impacted by your blood sugar levels, ACV is an excellent strategy to keep your levels from getting too high.

It'll Make Your Breath Smell Better

Even bad breath can't stand a chance against ACV. Natural acids in ACV (such as acetic and malic acid) work to burn away the bacteria in your mouth that cause stinky breath.

You can even use apple cider vinegar as a weapon against halitosis, according to Health Ambition. Add one tablespoon to a third of a cup of water, and gargle it for 20 seconds. Your SO will thank you, and hey, they may even ask for a spoonful of their own.

It Will Keep The Sniffles At Bay

One of the best benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it boosts the strength of your immune system. Because ACV is so acidic, it kills bacteria in your body that could otherwise manifest into one of those nasty colds, coughs, or sicknesses that follows you around all winter.

There's a reason apple cider vinegar has been used as a wound disinfectant and natural preservative for centuries: Germs and bacteria do not survive near it.

It'll Work As A Detox

If you're looking for an easy way to cleanse your body without spending hundreds of dollars on a set of cilantro and blood orange juices (or whatever they put in those things), look no further than your trusty ACV bottle.

Taking ACV in the morning will help detox and cleanse your liver, as well as clear out bacteria in your body. Plus, apple cider vinegar has been known to curb random cravings, since it balances your system and keeps your blood sugar levels at bay.

It Will Boost Your Energy

This one is more subjective, since everyone has a different base energy level that they consider normal. For example, if you're getting up an hour early in order to give yourself the time to talk yourself into taking a shot of ACV, you might not find yourself completely energized by the process.

But keep this in mind: Apple cider vinegar is an alkalizing liquid, which means, when your body starts to work within the levels it is most efficient at (aka without massive blood sugar crashes or mucus clogging up air holes), that's when you're going to feel the most awake every single day.