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'Wednesday' fans were quick to point out Selena Gomez's new rainbow hair looks like Enid Sinclair's.

Selena Gomez Channeled Enid From Wednesday With Her New Rainbow Hair

From Waverly Place to Nevermore Academy.

Amy Sussman/Variety/Getty Images

Selena Gomez is the latest star to take some style inspo from Wednesday, but not in the way you’d probably think. Rather than lean into Wednesday Addams’ dark, gothic looks, Gomez looked across the dorm room to Wednesday’s color-loving roomie, Enid. After Selena Gomez debuted her rainbow hair on TikTok, Wednesday fans flooded the comments with comparisons to multicolored, upbeat werewolf girlie.

Gomez showed off her unexpected new look in a Dec. 9 TikTok. The star rocked a rainbow-colored bob, and ducked down beneath the hand drier in a bathroom to dry off her colorful locks. The look is the polar opposite of Gomez’s usual dark ’do, which is part of why fans are convinced it’s just a wig and not an actual dye job. Gomez basically confirmed those suspicious by sharing another TikTok singing Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” with a friend shortly afterward — and in that second video, she’s back to her signature black hair. Oh, and it doesn’t look like the rainbow-hair video is new, either. Gomez was spotted rocking the same hairstyle in the same blue top back in February 2021. It looks like this was just a fun throwback vid to better show off this cute wig.

Although the rainbow hair may have just been a temporary makeover, Gomez’s fans were totally here for the bright, pastel-tinged style.

Under the TikTok, most of the commenters compared Gomez’s look to Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s colorful roommate played by Emma Myers. Enid’s look seems to be more of a dip-dye situation, with the ends of her blond locks dyed blue and pink, a la Harley Quinn, compared to Gomez’s more all-encompassing sherbert fantasy. But still, it’s easy to see the similarities.


It also wouldn’t be all that surprising if Gomez really was inspired by Enid. After all, Wednesday has quickly become a TikTok obsession, with the show’s big dance number in particular taking over every corner of the app.

While Gomez’s rainbow hairstyle may just be a wig, there’s always the chance all the love could inspire her to make a drastic hair change IRL and trade her dark Wednesday locks for a bright new Enid look.