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A review of Harry Styles' Shroom Bloom Nail Polish Collection.

An Honest Review Of Harry Styles' Pleasing Shroom Bloom Nail Polish Collection

Groovy, baby.

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With thousands of beauty brands crowding virtual shelves and influencers touting a new product every day, how do you decide what's actually worth a shot? You leave the trial and error to the pros. In Elite Daily's beauty review series What's The Deal With..., we'll sift through and test the buzziest products to give you an honest, no-bullsh*t look at how it works IRL. Below, we review Harry Styles’ Pleasing Shroom Bloom nail polish collection.

I’m a huge believer in genderless beauty brands, so I was stoked about Harry Styles’ Pleasing from the jump. I even swung by the Pleasing Shroom Bloom launch in NYC and, yes, the brand is worth the buzz, in my humble opinion. There’s a reason fans line up around the block to get their hands on Harry Styles’ beauty brand. One of the biggest factors is the cult of a personality that surrounds a beautiful man bucking stereotypes and leaping over gender barriers to embrace a beauty product that’s traditionally labeled as “feminine.”

Watching that incredibly talented rock star croon in a dress while holding a microphone in perfectly manicured hands? *Swoon*. But also, Pleasing’s products tickle a few more of my fancies: They’re thoughtfully made, they actually work, and they’re beautiful to look at.

I will admit I showed up late to the Pleasing game. It wasn’t until Harry Styles launched the Pleasing Shroom Bloom Micro Collection back in March that I got my claws onto these sustainable, ‘Gram-worthy nail polishes. Now that I’ve been exclusively wearing Pleasing Shroom Bloom nail polish for the past month, I feel extensively qualified to tell you that these are the cream of the nail polish crop. Ahead, you’ll find my honest, unfiltered review of Harry Styles’ Pleasing Shroom Bloom nail polishes.

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Pleasing Shroom Bloom Nail Polishes

Harry Style’s Pleasing Shroom Bloom Micro Collection features four new polishes: The Whole Dewniverse (a sheer holographic glitter top coat), Tender Bud (a glossy, opaque beige), Vine Ripe (a vibrant red), and Sprouting Polish (a pale green).

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Fast Facts:

  • Brand: Pleasing
  • Price: All four polishes are available in The Shroom Bloom Set for $65 total. You can buy The Whole Dewniverse and Sprouting Polish individually for $20 each.
  • Clean/Cruelty-Free?: The Shroom Bloom polishes and the glitter top coat are biodegradable, cruelty-free, and vegan.
  • Who this is best for: Any Harry Styles fans, spring nail trend enthusiasts, and clean beauty fans.
  • What I like: I love how long-lasting these polishes are and the shades themselves are truly special.
  • What I don't like: Since these polishes are formulated without fragrance, the nail polish smell is really strong.
  • My rating: 4/5

My Nails:

I am not blessed with beautiful nails. My fingernails have ridges — thanks, anemia! — and uneven surface texture. They grow slowly, they’re prone to chipping, and I do not help the situation by constantly picking at my cuticles and tearing at however much nail manages to grow past my fingertips.

That said, I tried hard for y’all this month. In order to give a good review — and take some decent photos — I left my nails more or less unharmed for a full four weeks so that I could really test out the Shroom Bloom Micro Collection.

Pleasing Shroom Bloom Micro Collection Review:

The Science:

All the polishes are made with sustainable, plant-based solvents that are 12-free, meaning they’re made without 12 ingredients that some dermatologists consider unsafe and/or irritating, including formaldehyde, acetone, fragrance, parabens, and sulfates. The glitter in the holographic shade, The Whole Dewniverse, is a bio-glitter, meaning that it’s biodegradable.

The Packaging:

I was initially skeptical of the packaging because the polish handles are *so pretty* and, at first glance, seemed to be a case of form over function. I was immediately put in mind of those lovely Louboutin polishes from a few years back that were gorgeous to display, but difficult to use. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the orb-shaped handles were to grip and use. I actually felt like I had more control than with a standard, smaller nail polish brush and, after a few weeks, I really can’t imagine going back to any other type of brush.

There’s something about the orb that makes it easy to get into the corners of your nails without depositing too much polish. You know that annoying pooling you can sometimes get in your cuticles? The ability to really twist the round nail polish handle helps you scoop up product and avoid some of that mess.

I also love that the brand’s focus on sustainability extends to the packaging. According to Pleasing, the package uses a cap made of 10-20% recycled material and an inner cap of 100% recycled material. Additionally, the bristles of the polish brush are made from castor bean. The exterior packaging, which is gorgeous, is not only fully compostable, but is made of 70% post-consumer — aka previously recycled — materials.

The Scent:

As I mentioned in the Fast Facts section, the scent of these polishes is strong — and not in a perfumed way; they smell pretty sharply chemical. That said, I was happy to discover that the polish scent fades fairly quickly once the polishes dry and, more importantly, the cause behind the scent is the fact that there’s not extra fragrance added to the polish.

First Impression:

The first thing I noticed about these polishes was that it only took two coats for most shades to create a fully complete look. As I mentioned, I have uneven nails, which means I usually have to layer on polish in *at least* three full coats or the final product can look really streaky. (It’s why I usually prefer press-on manis, TBH.) The fact that Vine Ripe and Tender Bud, my two favorite shades, gave me a glossy, gorgeous, even-looking manicure after just two coats is pretty much unheard of for me.

From top left: Sprouting Polish, Vine Ripe, The Whole Dewniverse, and Tender Bud.

Courtesy of Pleasing

Sprouting Polish, the pale green opaque shade, is more sheer, so it took about three coats on my uneven nails to create a smooth look. For me, that’s too many coats, so I wouldn’t do my nails myself with this shade. But if you start with a top coat or have naturally smooth nails, you’d probably only need just two coats. Surprisingly, The Whole Dewniverse looked smoother and more finished than Sprouting Polish with two coats. It’s definitely subtle, but I loved the flecks of shimmer that it delivered when used on its own.

The Results:

Just two coats of Vine Ripe and Tender Bud lasted for over a full week on their own. During that time the level of glossiness did fade a bit, but they never looked dull. After about a week and a half, the polish did begin to loosen, but it didn’t exactly chip. Remember how I said I’m a nail picker? After a week and a half, my anxious fidgeting resulted in the polish starting to peel off. Had I left it on its own, it could have lasted up to two weeks.

Courtesy of Amber Rambharose
Courtesy of Amber Rambharose

I’m a big fan of the finished look of these polishes. It’s hard for me to find nail polish that I don’t have to layer on thickly for a nice finish due to my uneven nail texture. Also, because my nails are short, it’s rare for me to find a brush that works for me without depositing too much polish and creating that pooling effect in my nail beds. Overall, using Shroom Bloom nail polish made for the the least stressful manicure I’ve ever done at home.

Similar Products:

The Pleasing Shroom Bloom nail polishes balance in a sweet spot of genderless and clean beauty brands. There are two brands right now that fit the same niche with a couple of caveats. Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DN line fits the genderless beauty side of the spectrum, but the polish formula is only 9-free versus Pleasing’s 12-free.

If you’re looking for a genderless beauty brand that also makes an *ultra-clean* nail polish, I’d recommend Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur* polishes, which are cruelty- and 13-free, meaning they exclude one more potentially irritating ingredient than Pleasing polishes.

Similar to Pleasing, the Golf le Fleur* polishes come in two individual shades, Georgia Peach ($20, Golf le Fleur*), Glitter Polish ($20, Golf le Fleur*), and A Nail Polish Collection ($55, Golf le Fleur*), a set of three that includes an additional shade, Geneva Blue.

Worth It?

It’s rare for beauty brands to be so upfront about sustainability efforts, so I really appreciate that the Shroom Bloom polishes lay all that information out upfront. I also love that these are clean polishes while still delivering vibrant, long-lasting colors.

As someone who watched the “As It Was” music video more times than I’m comfortable admitting in public, these polishes are definitely worth it to me. I’d recommend buying the full set because my two favorite shades aren’t available individually.

Final Verdict:

If you’re a believer in clean beauty and are looking for some gorgeous polishes to play with, these definitely deliver. Two coats without an additional top coat will last you about a week and a half without chipping, which — if you’re rough on your hands like I am — is a pretty long time. They’re also good for the planet and while that doesn’t matter to everyone, the fact that these polishes get the job done in a sustainable and non-toxic way is a huge deal to me.

About Me:

I’ve been testing beauty products as a beauty editor and writer, including trying all manners of products on my nails specifically, for the past seven years. I’ve written about nail trends before and have a vested interest in clean and sustainable beauty products.

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