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Halloween 2022 Nail Trends Include Black French Tips & Ghosts

Your nails will look boo-tiful.

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With the return of pumpkin spice lattes — not to mention pumpkin spice highlights — and cozy knit sweaters, the time has come to say goodbye to summer’s bright nail trends and embrace the darker side of nail art. As everyone knows, the best way to celebrate the most ghoulish time of year is with the perfect Halloween manicure. During spooky season, orange and black reign supreme, along with whatever magical Halloween manicures the internet can dream up. With nail art more popular than ever, there are so many cute, creepy, and easy Halloween nail art ideas out there that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose just one. Thankfully, this list has you covered with the coolest Halloween 2022 nail trends. Now all you need to do is book your next salon trip or grab some press-ons, and get ready for your spookiest nails ever.

Whether you want to live out a witchy fantasy with a sharp set of coffin acrylic nails or go for something more classic, there’s a Halloween nail trend ready and waiting for you. You can’t go wrong with a classically-inspired black french manicure or a slightly spookier take that swaps white tips for blood drips. If gore isn’t quite your thing, fear not. There are plenty of cute Halloween nail trends, along with the scarier ones, going viral right now. Ahead, all the spooky season nail art inspo you need for this year and, honestly, probably next year too.

Halloween 2022 Nail Trend: Black French Tips


There’s really nothing quite like this classic Halloween mani. It understands the spooky season assignment without being too intense to wear around coworkers, younger siblings, or scaredy cats.


Bring a little camp to your black french manicure by adding a few white tips. Although it’s still quite simple, the contrasting colors have a touch of Beetlejuice energy. Plus, they’ll go with any and all costumes you have planned throughout the month.

Halloween 2022 Nail Trend: Spooky Drips

A freakier twist on the classic french mani can be accomplished by turning your tips into crimson blood drips. Rita Remark, a New York-based editorial manicurist, is all about subtly turning your nails into a slasher-inspired moment. Remark’s take adds a touch of bold color and spookiness without requiring long nails as a canvas.

To really sell the vampiric look, you can start the spooky drips at the beds of your nails the way manicurist San Sung Kim did. It adds both glam and gore to the look and the reverse french manicure is a fun, graphic take on an old favorite.

Halloween 2022 Nail Trend: Witchy Nails

The dark arts are simply oozing from this Cute Nail Studio manicure. There’s everything a witch could love here — snakes, pentagrams, celestial bodies, and a planchette. Even Hecate herself might get jealous looking at these witchy nails.

@Nailartistrybykylie’s witchy manicure looks incantation-approved. It’s got the moon, the Evil Eye, the sun, and some finely drawn sparkles to help you invoke any spirits or spells that come to mind. All you need, plus this mani, is a familiar by your side and some Halloween mischief to get up to.

Halloween 2022 Nail Trend: Spiderweb Nails

Charlotte would love Barron Beauty’s spiderweb manicure. The reverse french approach with webbing detail is gorgeous, but the blank space really takes things up a notch.

Janette Acosta went psychedelic with her take on a spiderweb manicure. The contrasting black-and-white nails look like an optical illusion that I don’t recommend staring at for too long, and the symmetry is incredibly skillful.

Halloween 2022 Nail Trend: Cute Ghost Nails


If you don’t want to be scary this Halloween, you can always opt for the cute ghost nails trend that’s showing up everywhere. It’ll have everyone saying “Boo!” in no time.

This year’s cute ghost manicure trend usually features a troop of sweet, asymmetrical ghouls peeking around the edges of either peachy, neutral, or black nails. Sigourney Nuñez’s version of ghost nails has the perfect balance of sweetness and spookiness with a slight nod to a classic French mani.

Halloween 2022 Nail Trend: Skeleton Nails

Skeletons are a tried and true Halloween motif for everything from costumes to makeup to home decor. Remember when everyone was obsessed with Home Depot’s 15-foot skeleton? It’s a vibe so why not follow in Lonna Janee’s steps by bringing bones to your nailbeds?

I’m obsessed with @beautytendernails’ skeleton design. With incredibly skilled hands, this artist created a bunch of wee skeletons expressing their love for Mischief Night against a negative space night sky. The white cloud tips also add a bit of depth to this stunning look.

Halloween 2022 Nail Trend: Pastel Halloween Nails

While fall is primarily known for its dark and moody palette, you don’t have to go full goth to get in on the Halloween fun. Instead, go with a candy-colored pastel background under any Halloween motifs you like. California-based nail artist Miya Adams did just that with her lilac night sky mani.

Every iconic Halloween nail art element is brought together in @thebeautywitchx’s manicure. It’s got spiderwebs, ghosts, sparkles, and bats, all done in a pastel palette for a sweetly spooky look. Since this mani is primarily soft pink, the details appear diffused instead of overwhelming the eye.

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