The nails I had for Halloween
7 Cute Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Spooky And Stylish

Claws at the ready.

Foap AB/foap/Getty Images

Spooky Season is officially upon us, and with autumnal weather in full effect, your color palettes are getting a little bit darker. As Halloween gets closer and closer, nail artists are leaving their summery lacquers behind in favor of frighteningly clever Halloween nail art designs. That looks like shimmering spider webs, bloody vampire manis, scary claws, and some horror movie designs you won’t believe someone could paint on a fingernail.

According to Instagram, users could not wait to display their Halloween nail art. In fact, the social media platform saw a 50% increase in searches for the term "Halloween nails" before October even started. And who can blame them? No matter how much you love Halloween, it’s a little hard to dress up in costume in celebration every single day. But painting a sweet Halloween nail art look on your claws? Now that’s an easy way to celebrate all month long.

Whether you're dressing up as your favorite fictional character or keeping things casual for the upcoming holiday, your nails deserve to look spooktacular. Below, see the unique Halloween-inspired nail art designs you should try.

Batty Mani

These orange ombre nails feature star, moon, and bat designs that will leave onlookers filled with chills.

Spooky Spider Stilettos

These stiletto nails are definitely not for the squeamish, but that shimmer is irresistible. This ombre orange and gray spider design features spooky arachnids and webs made of glitter, and I cannot get over the edgy detailing.

Hidden And Deadly Nails

There’s no way you’ll get boo-ed for these stylish coffin-shaped nails. This manicure is perfect if you’re looking for a subtle way to add sneaky little ghosts to your everyday look.

Screaming French Tips

I say this in the best way possible: yikes. These Scream-inspired nails are bound to capture some attention, thanks to the intricate blood drip detailing and the infamous Ghostface.

Frightening “Friends”

How could you not be scared of “friends” like these? When you’re looking for a frightening nail art idea, consider trying this design that highlights all of your favorite unsavory characters.

Fierce Fangs

Prepare to sink your teeth into this spooky nail look. The fierce, vampy manicure features stiletto nails on the index and pinky fingers with bloody red tips.

Creepy Claws

You can’t go wrong with claws for Halloween. These spider-inspired nails use negative space perfectly and are just as creepy as they are creative. If you look closely, you will notice that the spiders are made out of gems to compliment the shimmery and metallic webs.