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8 Festival Fashion Ideas To Beat The Heat And Look Good While Doing It

The festivals and shows on your calendar won’t know what hit ‘em.

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Gov Ball, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and many other music festivals are finally back in order for 2022, and your favorite singers and rappers are going to be showing off their A-games on stage. While you run from stage to stage at whichever event you find yourself at, you’re going to need some sickeningly good festival outfits to take you from show to show. Planning a festival outfit isn’t as easy as just throwing something on and heading out the door; there’s a surprising amount to keep in mind when it comes to your fashion and accessory choices as you take on your next music festival.

Festivals are incredibly sweaty affairs. More often than not, the sun is beating down on you, you’re on your feet all day, and you’re in credibly close quarters to other music fans. Staying cool and comfortable through all that is not easy. So you need a festival-ready outfit that won’t leave you feeling totally waterlogged by the end of the day. Think: mesh fabrics, airy pants, shorts, crop tops, and shoes that can hold up to the elements no matter what the day throws your way.

Beyond just the practical aspects of your outfit, you’ll also want to look super stylish. Festivals are a melting pot for maximalist fashion. Psychedelic prints, matching sets, and cutouts are everywhere on the festival scene. You can even break out some athletic wear to double as festival fashion in order to keep cool and breezy. Whatever your vibe may be, having so many options can feel debilitating, so check out some fashion inspiration below and feel inspired by what your next festival look could be.

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Festival Fashion: Cute And Crocheted

Festivals often involve a lot of time in the sun and it can get very hot. The best way to keep cool throughout the day is with a shirt like Forever 21’s Crochet Crop ($30, Forever 21). While it’s graphic and cute, it also has a very airy fabric for an ideal balance between looking and feeling cool.

Festival Fashion: Perfect Prints

If you want to be the belle of the festival, you need to get your hands on PrettyLittleThing’s Abstract Jumpsuit ($13.50, PrettyLittleThing). It’s made with a light fabric to fend off the heat and the coverage will help protect your skin from the sun. Beyond the practical reasons that make a jumpsuit a festival must, the psychedelic pattern is super fitting for your vibe-y weekend.

Festival Fashion: Go For Co-Ords

You can never go wrong with a matching set. And since you’ll be on your feet all day dancing and running from performance to performance, you’ll want co-ords you’ll feel wholly comfortable in. That’s why it’s great that Tunnel Vision’s Hankerchief Set ($54, Tunnel Vision) features a skort. You won’t have to stress about constantly tugging your skirt down in this number.

Festival Fashion: Clever Cutouts

Pants with cutouts have been a festival go-to ever since Maddie wore them on Season 1 of Euphoria. While you can get the trendy whale-tail cut, SHEIN’s Flare Leg Pants ($8, SHEIN) feature a funky little flower cutout over the hip for an almost ‘70s vibe.

Festival Fashion: Going Graphic

To add a streetwear turn to your festival look, you can’t go wrong with an oversized, graphic t-shirt. You can pair it with bike shorts and wear it loose or tuck it into your favorite jorts. It doesn’t get much cozier than an oversized tee.

Festival Fashion: Feelin’ Fringe

With all your jumping and dancing around, you’ll love wearing a top that flounces with you like Akira’s Fringe Crop Top ($15, Akira). You can even go for the whole rave-inspired western look by adding matching biker shorts.

Festival Fashion: Such A Sport

Take a sporty approach to your attire with Fashion Nova’s Ruched Short Set ($21, Fashion Nova). The stretchy fabric is form-fitting but won’t leave you feeling pressed in after a day of sweating. The ruching also makes you look like you’re at a concert rather than heading to the gym.

Festival Fashion: Cheeky Chaps

For a daring look, you can always break out the assless chaps. By pairing these bold, peek-a-boo pants with a funky bodysuit or patterned booty shorts, you can create a really bold look that’ll have all the other festival-goers jealous of your fashion skills.

Now that you’ve got your tickets and some of your outfit inspiration figured out, all you need to do is stock up on sunscreen and maybe snag a bucket hat.