These Under-$50 Matching Loungewear Sets Feel Like Still Being In Bed

Pierre Suu/GC Images/Getty Images

Being cozy and comfortable is a necessary part of lounging, but sometimes you may also want to add a bit of cool to your lazy days. Sweatpants and old t-shirts are classics in the cozy clothes game, but influencers have made matching sets a key part of stay-at-home fashion. If you want to indulge, then you need some loungewear sets for less than $50 of your own.

Loungewear these days balances comfort and style, so you no longer have to pick one. You could go down any route, from the Selena Gomez grey, chic sweatsuit to the fashion-forward Kim Kardashian for Yeezy outfit. With options from leggings to joggers to bike shorts and more – and that’s just for pants – your relaxation wardrobe can be bountiful. Whether you want to stay in all night binging Netflix or just run out to the store really quick, there are a plethora of different lewks you can pull.

Even though comfort is obviously key, looking good when you’re feeling your laziest can help you keep a positive outlook. After I spend too many days in the same pair of leggings, it usually starts going to my head in a bad way. So, selfie or no selfie, treating yourself to stylish comfy clothes is a great way to start your self-care off right. Before you grab your face masks, here are some loungewear sets below to take your relaxation to the next level.

If you like to keep your loungewear on the pajama-adjacent side of things, wide-leg pant sets are the way to go. The neutral colors make this outfit look considered and a step-up from classic pajamas. Who doesn’t want to be able to roll out of bed and continue their day while feeling confident?

Tie-dye is arguably the pattern of being ~chill~, so it’s a must in the loungewear world. Gigi Hadid is pretty much the unofficial spokeswoman of tie-dye sets, and I, for one, trust her implicitly. The bright swirl of colors is also a total mood booster.

Bike shorts are such a comfortable, trendy way to relax. They keep you cooler than leggings do and have a total Princess Diana ‘90s vibe. This look can be taken anywhere from the gym to a night out and, most importantly, to your couch.

Sweats on sweats is the ultimate cozy staple, and joggers have updated sweatpants into a more tailored fit, which makes the overall effect chic-comfy. This gray-on-gray set is a nostalgic, ‘80s style -- almost identical to the sweatsuit Danny Zuko from Grease wore on the track field. If you’re going for a modern classic, this is the look for you.

A crop top-and-jogger set mixes sexy with supreme comfort. If you’re at your most confident when you’re feeling a bit sensual, there’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin. Definitely more of a Kardashian look, sweatpants and a tiny shirt are a great way to play with proportions.

If you like shorts with a looser feel, these sets will keep you cool and cozy. Stars Above promises an ultra-soft fabric, so you can easily handle the 10-hour movie marathon you’ve been planning.

You don't need a special someone to get dressed up for to lounge about in a sexy set. Satin, lace, and silk are some of the most comfortable fabrics to wear and they bring a sensual edge. You can relax all day while feeling like your hottest self in lingerie.

I wouldn’t personally pick out a skirt for my loungewear rotation, but if you like bringing a more dressed-up edge to your restful times, why not? You can still feel your most feminine and put-together even when your only plans are to not leave the house.

Nothing like some good, old-fashioned nostalgia to put you in a cozy mood. These sets are super sweet, so you’ll feel your absolute cutest. It'll be just like watching Saturday morning cartoons without needing to wake up early.

Lastly, it’s not *technically* a set, but a bodysuit is even easier to wear than set because it’s only one piece. Not to mention, it’s a Kylie-Jenner approved look and very chic. What’s more calming than simplifying your chillin’ outfit?