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Cara Delevingne's new apple cider brunette hair at the "Cara Loves Karl Paris" party as part of Pari...

Cara Delevingne's Dark Hair Looks Just Like Warm Apple Cider

The fall vibe is strong with this one.

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cara Delevingne has hopped on the fall hair transformation train and it looks like she’s surrendered to the power of the dark side. Delevingne’s new dark hair color features a blend of warm red, deep blonde, and rich brown highlights and lowlights, and looks just like apple cider with lots of cinnamon. This particular apple cider shade feels like a moodier version of the copper color A-listers like Kendall Jenner couldn’t get enough of back in March. Given Khloé Kardashian’s recent PSL highlights, it seems like celebrities are bringing their favorite fall drink orders with them to the salon, and I, for one, am not complaining.

Never one to shy away from a bold beauty statement, Delevingne debuted her new hair color on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at the launch party for her fashion capsule collection “Cara Loves Karl” during Paris Fashion Week. Depending on the lighting, her apple cider hair could be either a fresh, new take on going brunette for fall or a fun, new way to going red for fall. It’s hard to say if apple cider hair is more red or brown because, like the bronde (blonde-brunette hair) that was making rounds in 2021, the look has a ton of dimension.

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you think Delevingne is now a redhead or is firmly on Team Brunette, if you’ve ever been on the fence about trying out a new hair color to mark the changing seasons, apple cider hair is a perfect jumping-off point. That said, I wouldn’t attempt trying to recreate this shade at home. Based on the photos shared by Delevingne’s hairstylist, Danielle Priano, creating this color was no easy feat.

In addition to adding highlights and lowlights, I wouldn’t be surprised if Priano used a glazing technique to create this shiny, subtle color. Even though apple cider hair is a major shift from the grown-out blonde Delevingne sported over the summer, one element of her hair has stayed the same. Priano kept the model’s roots close to the same brown shade as usual for a casual, easy-to-grow-out touch.

As a model and actor, Delevingne is no stranger to changing up her look with hair dye. Before going apple cider brown/red, the model was living her best blonde life, but she’s had everything from dark brown to platinum hair in the past. This isn’t even the first time she’s dipped her toes into the redhead waters. Despite her penchant for adventurous looks, I hope the apple cider hair color is here to stay. It’s a departure from the usual “blonde to brunette for fall” hair transformation cycle and it even brings out the warm undertones in Delevingne’s skin. Now, who wants to go apple picking?