It's Called Fashion, Honey
Find the best 2023 fashion trend for you, according to astrology.
The 2023 Fashion Trends To Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Buckles, beige, and optical illusions.

Written by Jailynn Taylor
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As 2022 draws to a close, it's time to start looking to the trends that will captivate you in 2023. As usual, Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan, and Paris was filled with recurring themes that you can expect to see It Girls strutting next year. Some trends spotted on the runway may seem familiar such as cargos, biker jackets, and denim upcycling, but with detail and silhouette updates. Other trends focused on reimagining the classics. For example, you can expect to see the white button-down elevated with intricate cuts and materials, fringe and feather details, unique draping that gives a Grace Jones feel, elaborate floral embellishments, and more.

It's never too early to start thinking about what 2023 trends fit your aesthetic or, more specifically, your star sign. Below, astrologer and witch Stephanie Campos matched the astrological signs with the most significant 2023 runway trends she believes each sign will gravitate toward in the warm weather months next year.

Aries Zodiac Signs: Buckles
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Campos thinks Aries will gravitate towards statement belts and buckles. "No stranger to making a scene in exchange for a little attention, Aries loves to stand out from the crowd," she says. The soon-to-be trend took over the runway with playful placements at shows like Dominnico, Alessandra Rich, and Miu Miu.

Aries are sure to be lacing their looks next spring with unconventional buckles and belts in an innovative way (Think: belted tops, statement buckles, and more).

Taurus Zodiac Signs: Crochet
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Ruled by Venus, Taurus has some of the best fashion in the game, says Campos. "Crochet is the optimal go-to trend for Taurus, as they appreciate fine craftsmanship and detail, but also, as a sensual zodiac sign, consider the way texture fits into their wardrobe," she says.

Tauruses can pull inspo from runway shows like Ulla Johnson, Elie Saab, and Adam Lippes for beautiful crochet intricacies to inject into their spring and summer wardrobe.

Gemini Zodiac Signs: Multi-Pockets
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Utilitarian style was all over the runway this season and it pushed the depths of the already-trending cargo Y2K style into other categories, such as cargo skirts, vests, and jackets. Campos suggests the multi-pocketed style as a solution for busy Geminis. Known for its curiosity and being on-the-go, Gemini’s can land a reputation for being a bit scatterbrained. But there's no risk of losing your keys or phone when they're hidden safely inside your pants.

Gemini can seek inspiration from brands like Sacai, Act N1, and GCDS for a unique take on multi-pocket styling for next year.

Cancer Zodiac Signs: Moonlight Radiance
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With la luna as their ruling planet, Cancer shares a deep connection with the moon's iridescent reflections. Rhinestones and other twinkling tones will make Cancers both feel empowered and even more comfortable in their own skin.

Rodarte, Giorgio Armani, and S.S. Daley called to Cancer's crescent intuitiveness with their sultry light reflective looks. The water sign can expect lots of silver and sequins in their seasonal wardrobe update.

Leo Zodiac Signs: Liquid Gold
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Campos says Leos are born searching for the spotlight, and as the zodiac sign associated with royalty, they live for a liquid gold moment. If it has shine, they're all over it — from donning light-catching and attention-grabbing statement pieces to embodying a standout staple dipped in gold. Leo wants to be the brightest in the room, and with this trend, they’re sure to radiate.

Gabriela Hearst, Genny, and Tom Ford encapsulated the Leo spirits with eye-catching looks laced in gold during Fashion Week. Leos won't have any problem adopting this trend to their already-superior closets.

Virgo Zodiac Signs: DIY Denim
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Known for being technical and crafty, it makes sense to pair Virgo with the upcycling trend. “Give them a pair of scissors and let their minds run rampant — they're the perfect sign to reinvent a traditional denim look with some DIY denim," says Campos.

Across several Spring/Summer runway shows, brands like Blumarine, Masha Popova, and Diesel reconceptualized how denim can be manipulated. And where creativity and DIY collide, you can find Virgo right at the cross-section.

Libra Zodiac Signs: Sunset Ombres
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With Venus as their ruling planet, Libras are all about style. Libra season marks the changing of the seasons, when the daylight begins to fade and night grows darker, which is why rocking shades of sunset will feel so natural,” Campos says. “The vibrant sunset hues will also guarantee that they stand out in a crowd.”

Libras can seek inspo from brands like Sandro, Etro, and Who Decides War, which seamlessly mimicked the ombre horizon during recent runway shows.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs: Sheerly Business
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"While Scorpio is more than willing to bear it all with a look that features transparency, they keep their thoughts and feelings closer to the chest,” says Campos. “Scorpios know the power of sex appeal and aren't afraid to make a statement by putting the natural curves of their body on display.”

As the sign not afraid of a risqué moment, Scorpios can look to Fe Noel, Alaia, and Sid Neigum Spring/Summer 2023 shows for their next outfit reveal (or lack thereof).

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs: Fringing
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Not one for staying quiet, Sagittarius will appreciate the loud entrance they’ll make when gliding into a room wearing head-to-toe fringe. The runway was covered in unique fringing that moved away from the traditional bohemian take.

On the runway, Andreadamo, Bronx & Banco, and Alejandra Alonso Rojas featured intricate fringing techniques like laddered draping, dipped for contrast, or vibrant coloring — all styles the archer sign will appreciate in the warmer months.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs: Shades of Beige
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Campos describes Capricorns as having a chic and refined style that’s far from boring. “Fun fact: Capricorns are also major history buffs,” Campos says, “and what could be more defining for Caps than classic looks with a modern twist?"

Monochromatic beige looks left a lasting impression on the runway, so Capricorns can look to Ferragamo, Roki, and Co for their Spring/Summer wardrobe reset.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs: Optical Illusions
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Campos describes Aquarius as the most forward-thinking and progressive of all the signs. And sporting an avant-garde set that creates an optical illusion is the fashion moment they've been waiting for.

To keep onlookers guessing, Aquarians should lean into runway moments like the denim-printed leather from Bottega Venetta or the Schiaparelli and Balmain’s silhouette prints and hardware that imitate the female body for inspiration as they’re transforming their wardrobes.

Pisces Zodiac Signs: Floral Applique
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“As lovers of natural beauty, Pisces would feel drawn to the floral applique trend, an embellishment representing their fragile and delicate heart," says Campos. Cynthia Rowley, Loewe, and Acne Studios' runway shows were blooming with floral embellishments and flower-like silhouettes. There’s no doubt Pisces will want to escape to this botanical getaway, which will translate through their bouquet-inspired 2023 fashion mood board.