Ryan Lochte Already Knows How He'll Spend His 10-Month Suspension For Lying

Ryan Lochte is doing his best to keep his chin up in the aftermath of the little white lie that turned into a big shit storm at the Olympics.

In terms of his swimming career, a bunch of his huge sponsors like Speedo already dropped him. On top of that, he's not in a good place with the United States Olympic Committee at all since they banned him from competing for 10 months.

He also will not be able to compete in the 2017 World Swimming Championships.

It's too bad, he totally could have avoided a 10-month punishment by fessing up in the moment, but now he just can't catch a break. But I guess he had this suspension coming, and hopefully the worst is over.

Lochte received the news while flying to Los Angeles, and TMZ was there to greet him at LAX with a bunch of questions about his suspension.

He was very stoic and didn't want to say much about his suspension.

Lochte ignored TMZ's questions about how Michael Phelps' punishment after two DUIs was lighter than his. Phelps only received a  six-month suspension after that incident.

You can tell he's not into these questions at all and just doesn't want to talk about it. Maybe he'll open up more when the wound isn't so fresh.

Luckily he was more open when it came to TMZ's questions about "Dancing With The Stars."

The USOC can take competitive swimming away from Lochte for 10 months, but he's going to be doing some competing anyway -- on a dance floor instead of in the water.

When asked how he's going to spend the next 10 months, Lochte just responded, "Dancing." But we hope he'll be doing more than that to stay busy and keep his mind off his punishment.

TMZ asked him if dancing is more nerve-wracking than swimming, and he said, "Dancing by far." According to Lochte, he can't dance at all.

We're glad Lochte is looking forward to what's next instead of dwelling on his suspension.

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