The USOC Reportedly Suspended Ryan Lochte For 10 Months

by Robert Anthony

It's been a wild year for Ryan Lochte following an exaggerated robbery story during the Olympics in Rio.

The 32-year-old Olympic gold medallist will be facing some harsh punishment dealt out by the United States Olympic Committee and USA Swimming.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it turns out Lochte has been suspended from competing for 10 months. He's also been banned from competing in the 2017 world swimming championships.

Ouch! If you know anything about Ryan Lochte and his love for swimming, you know this has to hurt the most.

Despite the fact that Lochte was joined by three other swimmers the night of the gas station and robbery incident in Rio de Janeiro, he's expected to endure a heftier punishment than his counterparts.

Even though he's going through some tough times, Ryan Lochte seems to be taking responsibility for his actions -- something he wasn't immediately ready to do just last month.

Ryan Lochte's been keeping busy following a rough month in Rio. Here he is working on his cardio and staying fit.

Oddly enough, it appears that sushi has helped Lochte through this tough time in his career.

When sushi isn't enough, Ryan Lochte loans his tastebuds to pizza and wings with Cheryl Burke.

He's also been knee-deep in all of the "Dancing With The Stars" action.

Despite the ongoing drama surrounding Lochte's exaggerated robbery story in Rio, he's managed to seal a couple of endorsement deals.

Oh, and traveling -- lots and lots of traveling.

Let's hope Ryan Lochte can stay sane while he owns up to his mistakes and endures the punishment dealt out by the USOC and USA Swimming.

After all, this is the first step to getting back out there, regaining his composure and honesty in the publicly eye and ultimately doing what he loves to do -- swim.

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