Ryan Lochte Still Denies Rio Accusations: 'Vandalizing The Bathroom Is Absurd'


And so the Ryan Lochte Rio robbery scandal continues for another day.

This time, the US Olympic swimmer claims he did not damage a bathroom at the gas station where the incident took place.

Speaking on "Good Morning America," he called reports accusing him of vandalism "absurd."

He said,

There was no damage to the bathroom. I never even entered the bathroom. It was locked so we couldn't go in there at all, so the story about me vandalizing the bathroom is absurd -- it never happened.

When probed about what the actual lie was, he replied,

The thing that I told that wasn't true was having the gun pointing to my forehead and cocked -- that was over exaggerated.

Lochte hopes this whole thing will blow other when he appears on "Dancing with the Stars."

He made it official today with an Instagram post.

He told "GMA,"

It's been — the past two weeks have been the lowest point of my life. I want to put that behind me. I'm never one to dwell on the past. I just want to move forward. Everyone's got to be sick and tired of hearing about this, I know I am. I just want to move forward.

Last week, officials in Rio were asking the Olympic swimmer to give a truthful statement in court.

If Lochte refuses, he risks being put on trial in his absence, reports ESPN Brazil, and if found guilty, the harshest penalty is six months in prison.


Brazilian authorities told US officials they do not want to give Lochte the option of making a statement in his home country.

It's unclear how much power Brazil actually has to force Lochte back to the country -- likewise with the prison sentence if he doesn't show up.

But authorities could make life extremely difficult for Lochte by flagging his passport as wanted through Interpol. This will make it hard for him to leave the country.