Never Forget Ryan Lochte Said His Biggest Pet Peeve Is 'When People Lie'


You just can't make this shit up, can you?

On the heels of the Ryan Lochte fake robbery scandal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Interview magazine has published a quote from Lochte about his biggest pet peeve.

So, what really irks Ryan Lochte more than anything else?

When people lie.

Come on, seriously?

Ryan, you just did major damage to your career by doing the one thing that bothers you the most. Not only did Lochte lie about being robbed after a night out on the town in Rio, he compounded his mistake by sticking with his lies until video footage forced him to come clean.

In addition to revealing his pet peeve is people lying, Lochte also reportedly revealed he fears "not becoming a good dad."

Let's hope this series of mistakes in Rio doesn't prevent Lochte, who has since lost sponsorship deals with Speedo USA, Ralph Lauren and others, from being a good father. If anything, I hope this whole thing becomes a major life lesson for Ryan Lochte to pass on to his children.

The truth shall set you free, kids!

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