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Your Single Girl Horoscope Is Looking Spicy For The Next 3 Months

Two astrologers break down the cosmic vibes.

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If fun, flirty, and free of relationships are on your summer 2024 bingo card, the cosmos are about to come through with some very supportive energy. Of course, the hotter months are always a time to let loose and enjoy some sun-soaked whimsy, but the planets are getting a little extra with the single-girl vibes this year.

“This is the summer to put yourself out there in a way that you haven’t before,” astrologer Stefanie Caponi tells Elite Daily. You’ve got Jupiter making major moves, Venus and Mercury causing a spicy stir, and even Pluto jumping in to throw a seductive leather jacket over it all and keep it interesting.

Overall, it’s giving freedom, glow-ups, and so much *life*. Anyone can take advantage of the very cute and very sexy transits on the way, but the single Pringles will want to pay extra close attention.

Late May to June will be a sweet spot for meeting and mingling.

With the energy kicking up a notch in the first few days of Gemini season, “this summer definitely has potential to be very fun and social,” astrologer Evan Nathanial Grim tells Elite Daily. “Late May to June will be a sweet spot for meeting and mingling.”

His biggest advice for solo girlies heading into summer: Be. Open. Put yourself out there, slide into DMs, and explore new local activities — you might just bump into your hottest summer fling yet.

If you’re feeling independent this summer, it’s time to get hyped. Here’s the breakdown of this season’s cosmic vibes and how to work with them, according to astrologers:

June 2024

According to Caponi, “there’s a lot happening” in the cosmos in June. Grim even dubs it the most fortunate month for leaning into your singleness.

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It will all begin with a dropkick of the lively Gemini spirit when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters the air sign on May 25. This is a longer, more impactful transit than most, as it will carry through until June 2025 (!), packing the start of summer with a heady punch.

As the sun will also be in Gemini for most of the month, prepare for lighthearted, flirty, and social energy and for your texts, DMs, and all manner of communication to pop off.

On June 2, Jupiter will trine Pluto, which is “really sexy,” according to Caponi. “This is really good for thinking differently about yourself,” she says. It’s the ultimate glow-up for not only your appearance, but for your mindset as well.

The next day, Mercury will join the party in Gemini, serving up all the supporting energy to revamp your dating profile. This comes just in time for the Venus-sun cazimi — a conjunction of Venus and the sun — on June 4, which Grim says is “a great time to welcome in new connections and/or partnerships.”

It feels like getting out of victimhood and into an empowered state.

The new moon on June 6 will create a landscape of new beginnings, specifically regarding your attitude about being single. “It feels like getting out of victimhood and into an empowered state,” Caponi says. You’re owning your singleness and seeing all the opportunity it has to offer.

“Especially come June 9, we have Mars — our super sexy planet — moving into Taurus,” she says. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is about all things sensual, slow, and pleasing, making this also a time to splurge and treat yourself with luxury.

The second half of June will feel super cute as multiple planets move into cuddly homebody Cancer. This will be an adorable time to snuggle up with your loved ones and have a cozy night in. “Throw a dinner party with the people you love the most,” says Caponi. “Gather your main people, your chosen family, or your besties and watch a cute flick.”

With Mercury also in sentimental Cancer, Caponi suggests texting those close to you and telling them you love them.

You can set the intention of maximizing fun and doing hot girl summer, but also rich girl summer.

The Capricorn full moon on June 21 will offer a helpful check-in when it comes to work-life balance. “You can set the intention of maximizing fun and doing hot girl summer, but also rich girl summer,” Caponi says.

At the end of the month, it’ll feel like Dad has gone out of town and left you home alone, thanks to Father Saturn going retrograde until November. This can be super fun, freeing energy, but don’t forget your responsibilities because Saturn is taking a step back.

As Saturn retrogrades through Pisces, “it’s about showing us where we self-sabotage and being mindful of falling back into those old patterns,” says Caponi. If you have a habit of falling into toxic situationships, this could be the push you need to kick the habit.

July 2024

Though it’s fun to romanticize, your rose-colored glasses will come off on July 2 when Neptune retrogrades. “If you’ve been a little delulu about a crush or a situationship, you’ll be able to see it for what it is,” says Caponi.

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Next is a Cancer new moon a couple of days later, offering a great opportunity to set intentions around self-care and nurturing.

Also in July, you’ll see Venus and the sun move into Leo, and Mars into Gemini, which will bring that cheeky and social energy back after June’s Taurus/Cancer cuddle fest.

With Leo comes a healthy dash of drama to spice things back up. “It’s very flirty,” says Caponi. “It’s giving ‘single AF summer.’”

August 2024

Planets will start moving into Virgo at the beginning of the month while Mercury will gear up to go retrograde on Aug. 5. What does that entail? “Cue the ick,” says Caponi.

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If you have any summer flings, you’ll start to take stock of whether you want to carry on with them beyond summertime.

Just a few days later will be *the* time to make things happen. There will be a new moon in Leo followed by “the Lion’s Gate Portal” (aka one of the best days of the year to manifest) on Aug. 8. Setting intentions for your next era needs to be on top of your to-do list.

With planner and realist Virgo energy in the air starting around Aug. 23, you’ll get serious about how you want to move forward. It could be more singleness on the horizon, or the approach of cuffing season could line up with something more. Either way, you’ll be living your best independent life — in or out of a relationship.


Stefanie Caponi, astrologer and author

Evan Nathaniel Grim, astrologer and founder of Inner Worlds Astrology