Saweetie Knows Everyone Is Curious About Her Love Life

“When you’re an icy girl, everybody cares about who you’re dating.”

“What’s my type?” Saweetie asks a rapt audience of more than 700 Arizona State University students. Her answer: “A rich man... and 8 inches of fun.” The 30-year-old rapper used the quip to segue into her 2019 hit “My Type” at her concert on Nov. 11 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Saweetie joined forces with Tinder this fall for the Swipe Off challenge, where the college with the most swipes on the app won a free concert, headlined by the Icy Girl herself. “I was a college kid. I love going back to college campuses,” the USC alum tells Elite Daily about the partnership in a backstage room pre-concert. “For this, we were bringing something young and fresh to help college kids find love. But I also was able to bring my vibe to campus, which I thought was a really good idea.”

Saweetie isn’t personally on the app — the Grammy-nominated artist would likely be swarmed by fans if she made a profile of her own — but she likes the intentionality of joining a dating app like Tinder, where everyone’s there looking for connection. And she knows from firsthand experience what Tinder’s like since she once downloaded it after a breakup in college.

Here, Saweetie talks about dating as a famous rapper, the worst kind of DMs to receive, and her thoughts on astrological compatibility.


Elite Daily: You told Billboard that you were only lurking on Tinder for one day. What were your initial impressions of the app? Did anything you see stick out to you as particularly memorable?

Saweetie: I had a breakup when I was in college and Tinder was brand new, so I thought, “Let me try it.” But when I downloaded it, I felt so exposed. With dating apps, it has to be a picture of you. It can’t be super far away, and I didn’t want to upload my face. So I was like, “Let me just log off.”

ED: I guess you can’t download it again now because you’re too recognizable.

S: No, I can’t. I do like the idea of a blind dating app, though, where if you end up matching, you have to continue to chat and then finally the picture shows up. Because even if you block screenshots in a dating app, people can still take a picture of your profile with another phone.

If it’s a thirsty emoji, I’m just going to X you out.

ED: In general, how do you think dating apps compare to sliding into the DMs?

S: With dating apps, you know you’re going to get a date. That’s the intention. In the DMs, you don’t know how long the conversation’s going to last [or if it will lead to anything].

ED: Are there any pickup lines you find particularly cringey?

S: If it’s a thirsty emoji, I’m just going to X you out — like the drool one, that’s too thirsty right away.

ED: You’ve kept the details of your romantic life pretty private, but that hasn’t stopped rumors. How does it feel to have so many people speculating on your love life?

S: When you’re an icy girl, everybody cares about who you’re dating, so I’m used to it. I’m immune to it.

ED: Speaking of public speculation, what’s the most outrageous thing you’ve heard about yourself?

S: That I always eat crazy. When I go on dates, sometimes my date will look at me and say, “I know you’re going to eat something crazy. Just order it.” And I’m like, “What?”

There’s this misconception that I’m always just eating wild types of concoctions. And while I do that, it’s not my daily regimen. That happens more at home. On a date, I will order a lot of food, but wouldn’t make a concoction.

ED: I know you’re a Cancer and you talk a lot about it. What aspects of your sign do you relate to most?

S: I like eating. Cancers are known for that.

ED: Do you think zodiac compatibility is important for a relationship?

S: That’s a real thing. When I’ve dated signs who are compatible with Cancer, I’ve noticed that I’ve been very compatible with them.

ED: Are there any zodiac signs that are automatically a red flag for you? What about signs that you feel like you usually get along with?

S: Not necessarily a red flag, but I don’t like dating my sign. I normally vibe really well with Earth signs. I’m a Taurus rising.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.