Quavo Revealed How He Slid Into Saweetie's DMs & It's So On-Brand

by Candice Jalili
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Can you guess what Quavo's first DM to Saweetie was? Honestly, you might be able to because it is truly so on brand. Yep, Quavo slid into the Icy Queen's DMs with none other than a snowflake emoji back on March 15, 2018. Later that same day, Saweetie responded with a ramen emoji, to which Quavo responded by saying "u so icy Ima glacier boy." Saweetie responded to that by saying, "whats hannin then," and it pretty much seems like the rest was history from there on out.

I know the details of their first conversation only because Quavo, himself, took to Twitter on Oct. 7, 2020, over two years after the convo originally went down, to post the screenshot alongside a selfie of them presumably taken now. Alongside a crying laughing emoji, he captioned the pictures, "HOW I PULLED UP: HOW WE COMING." Aw, Quavo! Ya big sap! I mean, just think how far he probably had to scroll up to find that one original convo. All for a sentimental social media post? I'm honestly swooning.

While this is the first time the couple is sharing the deets on what their first conversation really looked like, Saweetie did already note that they met after Quavo slid into her DMs. "At first, he DMed me," she shared during a 2019 appearance on Big Boy's Neighborhood. "You know what, it was weird because his DM went straight to my [inbox.] It went straight in, it didn't go to the requests." After the DM, Saweetie said they "kept running into each other."

The DM brings to light a sweet new side to the now iconic diamond snowflake pendant he got her for Christmas in 2019. ICYMI: Quavo reportedly spent a whopping $75,000 at Atlanta's Ice Box back in December for a diamond-encrusted snowflake pendant for his girlfriend.

Now, I already thought the gift was super cute, you know, because she's legit known as the Icy Queen and her song "ICY GRL" has over 130,000,000 streams on Spotify. But knowing that the snowflake was also how he first wound up capturing her attention makes it that much cuter.

Oh, and did I mention he engraved the back to say, "from Glacier Boy"?! As in, he's her Glacier Boy, just like he said in their first DM convo!

Oh, man. Someone pass me a tissue box. I feel the water works coming on!!