Saweetie's Zodiac Sign Actually Makes Her Anything But 'ICY'

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Saweetie might sing that she's "icy, wifey, haters wanna fight me," but TBH, there are few reasons you'd actually want to fight her. Saweetie's zodiac sign makes her a sweet, warm-hearted, and irresistibly fun partner at that. Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper (Saweetie's real name) was born on July 3, 1993 — making her a Cancer. People whose birthdays fall between June 21 and July 22 are equal parts tender and feisty, and have a secret taste for melodrama. Like Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer is a water sign. This means they're highly sensitive, deeply loving, and very empathetic. Saweetie is no exception to any of these Cancer traits. Here's what the rapper is probably like as a partner, based on her zodiac sign.

Work Doesn't Come First, But It's Still Important

Cancer is a super hard worker. Work isn't everything to them, but Cancers like Saweetie know that in order to be a "boss tycoon," you've got to start hustling. As a partner, Cancer will pencil in time for date night, but don't be surprised if they can't take a raincheck right away — their work schedule is packed.

Cancer's Sweet Personality Takes Center Stage When They're Interested

Before they even confirmed their relationship, the chemistry between Saweetie and boyfriend Quavo in the "WORKIN ME" video was palpable. In typical Cancer fashion, Saweetie just couldn't keep her fondness to herself. When Cancer wants to flirt with someone, expect them to pile on the sugar.

Cancer loves inventing all sorts of cute pet names for the one they love. For example, Quavo, who sometimes goes by Quavo Huncho, has been dubbed "Cho Cho" by Saweetie and the "Glacier Boy" to her "Icy Girl."

Cancer Loves A Good Shopping Spree, & Has The Expensive Taste To Match

Cancer has an undeniable taste for coziness and luxury. Their idea of a fun day with bae looks like a spa day followed by a shopping spree. Don't be surprised when Cancer naturally gravitates toward home goods and athleisure — they thrive in a comfortable space.

Cancers Are One Of The Most Emotional Signs In The Zodiac

Cancer has moody, sentimental tendencies, so be prepared for rolling waves of emotions. They can lash out with the same amount of fervor you get when they proclaim how much you mean to them. At least Saweetie is self-aware — she literally co-wrote a song with Quavo called "Emotional."

As Cancer's partner, there will be more than a few nights when their feelings take center stage. But soon enough, you'll get the routine of listening to them vent, ordering their favorite takeout on UberEats, and kissing the tears away down to a science.

Cancer's Always Down For Double & Group Dates

"Clique real small but we making big moves" is the ultimate Cancer sentiment — this sign loves their friends. Not only does Saweetie openly cherish her partners, but she gasses up and loves on her besties just as much. Her friendship with Kehlani blossomed into a playful "ICY" remix (or as they put it, "bae mix"). She's constantly collaborating with fellow female movers and shakers in the music game, including Mulatto, Trina, GALXARA, City Girls, Becky G, and Melii, among others. This loving Cancer would totally be into brunch or a day at the amusement park with her girls and their plus-ones.

Saweetie's zodiac sign makes her an emotional, glam, big-hearted Cancer, through and through. Quavo is one very lucky Aries!