Quavo & Saweetie's Relationship History Is What Dreams Are Made Of

by Candice Jalili
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Forget Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and all the rest. Quavo and Saweetie's relationship history is officially the only fairytale I have any interest in. What makes Quavo and Saweetie's relationship so special is that they're both artists in the same industry who collaborate and inspire each other to be even better than they would have been apart.

Not only are the two in love and totally physically attracted to each other, but they also each have a deep respect for the other's work. They're total equals and I could not be more here for it. Read the timeline below to see how two stars fell in love.

Rumors about a relationship started swirling about in the summer of 2018.

Some particularly astute fans suspected something was up between Quavo and Saweetie even before she starred in his video for "WORKIN ME." But the video, which features Saweetie as the niece of a mob boss Quavo crosses because he just can't resist her, confirmed something had to be going on between them. "Dating rumors have swirled around the two rappers for the past several months; however, fans became increasingly suspicious several weeks ago, when Saweetie appeared in the “Workin Me” video as Quavo’s love interest," Complex wrote in August 2018.

Watch the video for yourself here and try to deny the chemistry:

As for how they actually met, Saweetie opened up about it during a 2019 appearance on Big Boy's Neighborhood. "At first, he DMed me," she shared. "You know what, it was weird because his DM went straight to my [inbox.] It went straight in, it didn't go to the requests." Then she says they "kept running into each other."

Saweetie confirmed they were seeing each other in September 2018.

After Instagram account @theshaderoom posted pictures of Saweetie and Quavo together at New York Fashion week and dubbed them the "newest little power couple on the block," Saweetie appeared on The Real to set the record straight.

"You know, we worked together and ever since then we’ve been getting to know each other," she said coyly. "I enjoy his company." Oh, also, she called him "cute." The whole thing is majorly adorable:

By March 2019, they were Instagram official.

March 2019 had not one, not two, but three relationship milestones for Saweetie and Quavo.

First, on March 28, Quavo made their relationship Instagram Official by posting what would be the first of many Instagrams featuring Saweetie. The post in question was a super sweet tribute to her new album, "Icy." Alongside the album cover, Quavo wrote:

I C Y M I D N I G H T 💎❄️💎 YESSSIRRRR!!! @saweetieIcy MasterpieceCHO Is Proud Of U!!!!

Then, on March 29, Saweetie released the video for her song "Emotional," featuring none other than Quavo:

"She emotional… so it’s real life," Quavo later told Billboard when asked what it was like to collaborate with Saweetie on the song. "I just had to put my real bars to it. It’s a dope song, but also her whole album — her whole EP — and the way she just comes in the game, her whole West Coast style is just different and unique, so that’s why I’m happy to be a part of it."

Two days after the release of "Emotional," Saweetie posted her first Instagram featuring Quavo. In the caption she wrote:

I’ve seen many sides of Cho Cho but today was something new🙏🏽 Seeing someone use their talents and influence to put on an event in their community for a good cause is so selfless, refreshing and inspiring!! @kaepernick7 & @nessnitty thank you for blessing us with your support & positivity!! So much love was in the building proud of yoooooou @quavohuncho !! ❤️🏈
For his 28th birthday, Saweetie gifted Quavo a new car.

On April 2, 2019, Quavo turned 28. Saweetie celebrated her boyfriend's special day by gifting him a classic Chevrolet. Alongside a video of him freaking out over his new gift, Saweetie wrote:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHO CHO ❤️❤️ classic car for a classic man duh !!!! 🎉🎂🎈 #GlacierBoyAndIcyGrlFaaawkUmean 🤣
One month later, he was hinting at marriage.

May started off as glitzy as ever with Quavo and Saweetie walking the red carpet for the Billboard music awards together on May 1.

"He’s one of my best teachers," Saweetie gushed of Quavo during a red carpet interview. "I mean, he’s so seasoned. He… has so many accomplishments, so he just teaches me in the studio with my writing, with everything that comes with the game so I really appreciate him."

On May 26, Quavo posted a video from his sister's May 25 wedding that, per Complex, he had reportedly originally posted to his story. The video in question features Saweetie catching the bouquet when Quavo's sister throws it to the crowd. Alongside a surprised cat emoji, Quavo overlaid the video the caption, "She caught it!!!!"

When posting it onto this grid, Quavo paired the video with this caption:

G U E S S W E N E X T 🤷🏾‍♂️

Just 10 days before the post, on May 16, Saweetie and Quavo came out with yet another collaboration for the song "Too Much Shaft."

And in July 2019, he straight-up saved her birthday.

Saweetie's 26th birthday, which took place on July 2, 2019, did threw her for a loop. Alongside a side-by-side shot of the hair she ordered versus what she wound up having to go with, Saweetie wrote on Instagram:

What i ordered vs what i got 😡.,. Hey y’all .... so I’ve had the craziest bday ever. EVERYTHING went wrong. Didn’t get the right hair... didn’t have a bday fit... missed a performance... I’ll explain later but sh*t a bih alive and that’s what I’m thankful for thank you for all the birthday wishes !!!

Luckily, Quavo saved the day by hosting a huge surprise party in her honor. Additionally, Quavo took to Instagram to post a tribute to his girlfriend by posting a series of pictures of them alongside this sweet caption:

1 2 : 0 0 am L O N D O N July 2ndH A P P Y B I R T H D A YTo My Beautiful LadyI Love You!!! You Are Most DefinitelyM Y T Y P E ❄️❤️💯@saweetie

A birthday shout-out and a nod to her hit, "My Type?" Extremely cute.

He may have made her birthday, but he most definitely did not make her career. When a fan commented on a picture of Saweetie and Quavo saying Saweetie was "brought out" by Quavo, Saweetie was not here for it:

By October 2019, Saweetie was tight with Quavo's squad.

OK, well, to be fair, they might have been tight before then. But a friendship reaches a whole new level when you hit a strip club together.

According to TMZ, Saweetie was hosting Los Angeles strip club VLive's Reign Sunday on October 20 when Quavo reportedly showed up with the rest of his Migos crew. According to a source who reportedly spoke to TMZ at the time, the rap group "helped Saweetie drop $45k on exotic dancers."

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In December 2019, they faced their first scandal.

Saweetie and Quavo started off December 2019 strong by slaying the red carpet at GQ's Men of the Year party.

I mean, just look at them:

Tommaso Boddi/WireImage/Getty Images

But, on Dec. 16, things took a turn for the worse when a woman named Lashae Clair reportedly took to Twitter to claim Quavo was cheating on Saweetie with her.

"This probably going to get deleted. But I’ve been talking to Quavo for the last couple of months," Lashae wrote in a since deleted tweet alongside screenshots that appeared to be of herself on FaceTime with Quavo. "He doesn’t really love that girl 🤦🏽‍♀️ if he did he wouldn’t be talking to me. There’s just soo much to unfold that I’ve learned from him & Offset."

"Quavo messaged me on Instagram back around August, it all started from here. I guess cause I don’t have a lot of following it was okay for him to message me," she reportedly added alongside a screenshot she claimed was an exchange between herself and Quavo in which he reportedly asks her to hang when he gets to New York.

"He messaged me 'Sup pretty this qua' after that we started talking and It’s crazy how these girls that’ll do anything for their man," she reportedly concluded. "Meanwhile they’re being cheated on, Offset messing my friend no one is Safe in these streets." Finally, she doubled down by reportedly saying she had nudes she would leak through a paid subscription site.

Luckily for Quavo and Saweetie, fans weren't buying Lashae's claims. Their biggest piece of evidence? She seemed to have a filter on her face in the FaceTime screenshot.

Also, Quavo was reportedly not on the main screen of her screenshot.

Elite Daily reached out to reps for Quavo regarding Lashae's claims but did not hear back in time for publication.

That being said, Saweetie and Quavo, themselves, seemed to be unbothered by the claims. The day of Lashae's tweets, Quavo sent out a not-so-subtle message by posting a picture of himself and Saweetie alongside this caption:

G N F Give No Fuks 🤷🏾‍♂️

When Christmas came around, Quavo reportedly spared no expenses. According to TMZ, the Migos rapper reportedly went to Atlanta's Ice Box right before Christmas to buy Saweetie a $75,000 diamond snowflake pendant. Get it?? A snowflake because she's "icy"?

January 2020 was their first Grammy Awards red carpet together.

On January 26, 2020 the couple walked their first Grammys red carpet together.

As per usual, they looked fabulous:

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And so in love:

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

"I’m a go getter, he a go getter, so… we inspire one another," Saweetie gushed about Quavo during a quick red carpet interview with Billboard.

Quavo pulled all the stops for Valentine's Day 2020.

What did your partner get you for Valentine's Day? Flowers? That's cute.

For Valentine's Day 2020, Quavo had a professional violinist serenade Saweetie in bed with a violin version of her hit song "My Type."

In April 2020, they made the most of Quavo's birthday in quarantine.

Quavo and Saweetie sure found a way to make Quavo's 29th birthday feel special despite the quarantine.

Quavo posted a series of pictures from his super fun looking house party alongside this caption the day after his birthday:

Last Night Bday Flex Was 🔥Swipe For Big MomentsQuarantine Birthdays 🎉S/o @martellusa For The Big CAKE

Saweetie also took to Instagram to wish her man a happy birthday on April 2:

Happy birthday baby keep shining !!! So proud of u!! 🥰🤩Love u for life ❤️❤️❤️
In May 2020, Quavo gushed about Saweetie in an interview.

And, no. He wasn't gushing about what a great girlfriend she is or how beautiful she is. Instead, Quavo was talking about his girlfriend's intellect.

I think she’s bringing something very special to the game,” Quavo said of his USC grad girlfriend during an interview with Page Six. “She speaks for the pretty college girls that are taking the regular route. You don’t have to be a stripper, you don’t have to be a bartender, you don’t have to take the Instagram model route.” He added, "I feel like she’s speaking for those nice, teenage girls who listen to their parents and go to school.”

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By June 2020, they had mastered quarantining together.

Being in quarantine together isn't the easiest thing in the world for many couples, but Saweetie and Quavo are totally unfazed by it. “Before quarantine we spent a lot of time with each other, so it’s not really that different,” Saweetie told Us Weekly in a June 6 interview.

It turns out their equally strong work ethics have been the key to their success. “Fortunately for us, we’re both workaholics, so because he’s focused on the third Migos album and I’m focused on my next project, it’s kind of like business as usual and we kind of just brought our work home,” Saweetie explained to Us Weekly. That being said, the close quarters isn't making Saweetie any more inclined to ask Quavo for advice.

“I normally like to keep things in-house only because I like surprising everybody," she told Us Weekly. It’s not that I wouldn’t want advice from him because he does give advice when I need it, but I’m such a hermit crab when it comes to my music. I like to perfect everything and then show everybody what I’ve been working on."

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Truly cannot wait to see what's ahead for this power couple.