Quavo & Saweetie's Astrological Compatibility Is Pretty Rough

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since dating rumors started swirling in summer 2018, Quavo and Saweetie have become known as one of the most shippable couples in the music industry. The Migos trio member and the "ICY GRL" rapper seem to have a relationship built on mutual attraction and respect, and the two have even hinted that marriage may be in their near future. Quavo (or, as she calls him, Cho Cho) is clearly Saweetie's type, which is why it's so surprising to me that Quavo and Saweetie’s astrological compatibility is far from ideal.

Quavo was born on April 2, which makes him an amped-up Aries. Saweetie's birthday falls on July 2, making her a caring and compassionate Cancer. Rams and crabs don't make the worst pairing out there, but they're definitely far from the best. Those born under Aries tend to be fiercely focused on the future, while nostalgic Cancers spend more time relaxing and reminiscing. Though both signs are highly emotional, Aries often turn feelings into action, while Cancers are more likely to turn on the waterworks. When Aries and Cancers get together, you can typically expect a relationship that's a bit of an uphill battle — but if anyone can make it work, it's these two.

Like their fellow fire signs, Aries are best known for being headstrong and unrelentingly confident, and that's definitely true of Quavo. Back in June 2015, the Migos member told Rolling Stone that his decision to drop out of high school was due to his reluctance to follow anyone else's rules. "I knew I was going to be somebody," he explained. Later, at 29, Quavo decided to earn his diploma on his own terms, which is a total #AriesMove. The rams of the zodiac are determined AF, and they don't like to play by anyone's rules but their own.

Aries tend to be total energizer bunnies with an athlete's mentality, and — considering he's a former footballer — it's no surprise that Quavo is all about the hustle. As he told Business Insider during a Dec. 2019 interview, "...I treat [my career] as if I was an athlete by working every day, by recording myself every day, by being in the studio alone every day, by putting in countless hours every day." Though they're not afraid of hard work, rams tend to be a little impatient when it comes to results, which can cause them to act without thinking. "Being spontaneous is a blessing," Quavo told Vulture in Jan. 2015, and that's an Aries attitude if I've ever heard one.

Crabs are deeply empathetic and caring individuals, and for them, family is everything. Saweetie often talks about her love for her big extended family, and her moniker was even inspired by her grandmother, whom she considers her role model. "My grandmother used to call me Sweetie, and I really loved it," she revealed to Interview Magazine in March 2018. Cancers are total mushes and they can't help it — they were born to be sweeties.

Unlike Aries, who tend to have the emotional depth of a puddle, Cancers are always in their feels. (I mean, Saweetie actually has a song called "Emotional," guys). As Saweetie told Teen Vogue in April 2018, creating music is cathartic for her, since it allows her to reflect on past experiences. "The experiences I go through… everything you hear in my lyrics is real," she said. "Good or bad, I take it all in and put it all on the mic." While Aries move a mile a minute, Cancers always stop and smell the roses, because what's the rush? "I feel like prayer is important," the rapper told HelloGiggles in July 2018. "...It's a great time for reflection, to just be grateful, because life — especially in the music industry — is so fast. I love to pray because it just grounds my mind." Spoken like a true Cancer queen.

Despite their differences, Aries and Cancers do have some things in common. Both signs are known for their generosity and kindness, and more than anything, these two love to shower the people they care about with affection. Rams and crabs are also devoted lovers, as loyalty and trust are things they both value. If Aries can learn to curb their impatience and Cancers are willing to face the future, an Aries-Cancer pairing is one that can last for the long-run.