Becca Moore Will Expose Your Shady Boyfriend

Her loyalty tests are just one DM away.

Lindsay Hattrick/Elite Daily; Becca Moore; Shutterstock

Becca Moore spends a lot of time in the DMs, often messaging other girls’ boyfriends — but it’s not what it sounds like. Moore, a 24-year-old content creator based in Los Angeles, has a viral series on TikTok where she runs “loyalty tests” for other women. It goes like this: A girlfriend, concerned about her boyfriend’s behavior, will ask Moore to put him to the test and slide into his DMs with a flirty “hi hi.” Only about 30% of the men respond — and then, the real loyalty test begins. Moore hits on the guy in question, who often claims to be single (or claims his girlfriend is actually his cousin). Then, Moore posts their conversation to her 1 million TikTok followers, exposing the guy’s lack of loyalty.

It’s a messy content series, which is probably why her videos have gotten millions of likes since she started posting them in November 2020. Still, Moore has certain rules she sticks to: She keeps the boyfriend anonymous if she posts their conversation; she avoids fiancés, married couples, and anyone with children; and she makes sure there’s some actual cause for suspicion — like questionable Instagram behavior — before messaging him. “They’re usually really sketchy and gaslight-y. It's never a great guy,” Moore tells Elite Daily. “The girls just need screenshots of proof so they can exit the relationship. Those are the ones I have to do.”

Moore says the loyalty test is “for the girls” — but she acknowledges the complicated feelings it brings up for her. “I'm trying not to be jaded, but I'm worried about it changing the way I look at men and relationships,” she says. Moore’s even been tempted to run a loyalty test on the guy she’s currently dating. “I won't because I feel like it's too obvious, but he follows so many really hot girls, and I'm like, ‘Do you even know my job?’”

Below, Moore shares all the behind-the-scenes details of her loyalty tests — plus, how it has affected her own approach to dating.

Elite Daily: How did the loyalty tests start?

Becca Moore: It was organic. A girl messaged me and asked me to do it. She was like, “My boyfriend is so shady, and I always see him looking at blonde girls' Instagrams. Will you pretend you are super interested in him?” I did it for her, and he ended up being really flirty with me.

I realized that I should make a TikTok of this, so I made a video asking if anyone wanted me to DM their boyfriends, and so many girls wanted me to do it.

ED: Why do you think that this type of content does so well on TikTok?

BM: Who wouldn’t want to know if their boyfriend is cheating on them or would cheat on them if given the opportunity? It's just interesting to watch and to think in the back of your head, “Would my boyfriend do that?” Even I don't know what my boyfriend would do, and I'm the girl that does loyalty tests.

ED: Would you say it’s affected the way you trust men?

BM: Yeah, I'm working on it. Maybe I'm never going to trust a guy fully again because I've seen how many disloyal ones there are out there. At the same time, the person I'm meant to be with wouldn't fall for a stupid test like that.

I'm just helping girls weed out the people that aren't supposed to be their husbands. Then I feel like I'm doing a good service. Also, 70% of guys don't even answer my DMs, so that's kind of a hopeful message.

ED: By DMing someone’s boyfriend, you’re intentionally putting yourself in a messy situation. How do you prepare for that? Is there ever any fallout afterwards?

BM: There's no fallout with the girl, but there’s sometimes fallout with the guy. I get an angry DM from him, but then I’ll just block him, I don't really care. I feel bad when they break up, but then I have to remind myself that he was just really shady.

ED: Why do you think people ask you to do these tests?

BM: When you’re really into a guy, it's so tempting to look at his following list to see what girls he follows. You want to know what would happen if a girl DMed him. I feel like that never really organically happens, so the fact that these guys are falling for it is bizarre. Like, why? The girls just want to get their confirmation of whether or not he would stay loyal.

ED: What's the wildest response you've ever gotten?

BM: Sometimes, I'll ask the guy if he has a girlfriend and he'll be an athlete. He’ll say, “You don't know how hard my life is. My girlfriend doesn't get it. I need someone like you.” They're just romanticizing me in their head. They think their girlfriend is evil.

One time, this girl had me DM her boyfriend and I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said, “No, we broke up a year ago.” I sent a screenshot to the girl, and she was in his house. He was DMing me while she was just in the bathroom.

Occasionally, they say their girlfriend is their cousin. I've gotten so many wild things that guys have said as excuses.

ED: These videos often go viral. Has anyone you “tested” ever seen your videos afterwards and messaged you?

BM: That happens all the time. They always end up seeing it or their friends send it to them. I edit out their names, but I think people figure out who it is.

It's happened twice now where I DM a guy and he's like, “You're the loyalty test girl. I'm onto you.” So I guess I might have to make a finsta.

ED: What typically happens if the guy passes the test?

BM: The girls are usually really happy, and they stay together. I will say though, if they are DMing me about a loyalty test, I feel like the relationship might not be that good in the first place. ‘Cause why are they wondering?

ED: Are there any particularly memorable loyalty tests you've done but you decided not to post on TikTok?

BM: I get DMs from low-key celebrity girls that are in high-profile relationships, and they ask me not to post. Those are the ones that I actually hate doing because I can't even use them for content.

ED: Most people are nervous to DM a stranger on Instagram, but you do it as part of your job. What’s that like?

BM: I've learned that guys like it when you just slide in the DMs because it rarely happens to them. So if you see a guy that you think is hot, you should just DM him... [laughs] even if he has a girlfriend.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.