Susan Kocab


Susan Kocab is a Montana native, Texas girl by heart and currently a Las Vegas duchess. Susan relocated to Vegas to follow her passion for boxing and martial arts. She started boxing in high school and transitioned to Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu after moving to Las Vegas where she obtained her B.A. in journalism and media studies with a minor in communications at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Susan is passionate to inspire through her writing by taking her readers with her on many adventures acquired and lessons learned as a competitor, travel bug and entrepreneur. Through each experience she shares the gift of growth knowing happiness is a journey not a destination.

F*ck It: 4 Ways To Stop Pleasing Other People And Start Pleasing Yourself

By Susan Kocab
The instant you start bending over backward to please someone else is the very moment you lose all credibility. Whether this is romantic, professional or just a friendship, stroking another person's ego in hopes of acceptance, love and/or personal…

Why Settling For 'Good Enough' Will Never Make You Happy

By Susan Kocab
Have you ever met that encryption of the perfect person? The status quo embedded in our minds of with whom to fall madly in love and have as a life partner. On paper, this person is the depiction of what we want. Yet, deep down, you know there is a…

How I Learned To Live By Pursuing The Unconventional Route Post-High School

By Susan Kocab
I have always been one to graciously pursue the unconventional path. While I did do some things accordingly, it has always been at my own beat and no one else’s. I played sports, but I was most intrigued by boxing and martial arts. I did pursue a…

Why You Should Accept Life For All It Is — The Good And The Bad

By Susan Kocab
I read an excellent tidbit from author Louise L. Hay that stated, Love comes when we least expect it, when we are not looking for it. Hunting for love never brings the right partner. It only creates longing and unhappiness. Love is never outside…

How Supporting Yourself And Relying On No One Can Change Your Life

By Susan Kocab
Humans are a competitive species. We can’t help but want to compare our earnings and successes to our neighbors. While this can be a positive trait because it allows us to set standards for our own goals, it can also be a devastating benchmark that…

Stubbornness Is... A Good Thing? 5 Reasons Your 'Faulty' Quality Is Actually Beneficial

By Susan Kocab
Stubbornness has a bad rap. The stereotype of a stubborn personality has garnered a false perception of negative characteristics that include the following: too much ego, unwillingness to be wrong, hot-tempered, self-centered, fearful of the…