How Supporting Yourself And Relying On No One Can Change Your Life


Humans are a competitive species. We can’t help but want to compare our earnings and successes to our neighbors.

While this can be a positive trait because it allows us to set standards for our own goals, it can also be a devastating benchmark that takes us from our own realities.

It can lead us to compare and compete by labeling our present states through ventures in instant gratification.  This has the potential to be a devastating blow to our earnings and cost us damage to our future goals and financial success.

According to a survey by, 76 percent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Anyone and everyone can find a happy balance, no matter what a paystub states, as happiness has no price tag.

Once you find a happy, balanced budget, your life and wellbeing will be much richer and fuller than if you ran your earnings dry.

Saving money and being financially savvy isn’t necessarily innate, but not many things are. If you want to excel at anything — a sport, music, whatever — you'll need a little training here and there.

You may need to even practice a little discipline and seek out some helpful motivation.

Here are a few potentially life-changing positive effects that can emerge from having a balanced budget:

You will get more shuteye, which will equip you with healthy sleeping patterns, which may make you more cash.

Getting a solid amount of sleep can offer vast health benefits, including increased cognitive response, improved memory, higher levels of creativity, mood boosts and a stronger sex drive. Also, increasing the amount of sleep you get will actually decrease your stress levels.

You need energy in order to bring in money. Financial stress can burden your sleep patterns, and getting sleep should be a top priority. So, start with the basics: Don’t spend the money you don’t have.

You don't need retail therapy to reduce your stress. Try yoga, mediation or simply gossiping with your best friend.  All of these options possess the power to ease tension and increase your time for shuteye.

You will strengthen your discipline muscles.

Discipline is not something with which we are born. Consider what a child would eat during every meal if he or she had the choice. It probably wouldn't be a super nutritious meal.

Many people don’t realize that discipline takes practice, just like strengthening any muscle in the body. Start by saying no to small purchases, and in time, you will be able to change your grand-scale spending patterns. Always ask yourself whether you need something or just want it — and know the difference.

Your time will be well spent.

If you ease up on your spending, you will find that the best things in life truly are free. Get creative with your time and don't spend just because you're bored.

Discover hobbies that don’t require spending cash. Make more time for exercise, spend quality time with your loved ones, watch a movie, read, work overtime, go on a hike or ride a bike.

Learning to enjoy the small things in life can bring extraordinary appreciation. In fact, it is a necessity to first seek joy from small things and small accomplishments. By learning to love and appreciate the smaller aspects of life, the bigger ones will have a much greater impact.

Your overall wellbeing and quality of life will improve.

If your finances are causing you grief, then it is important to be more realistic. Take time to research. Seek help or just set explicit goals and make a budget plan. It will not only help you down the road, it will also help you right now.

What really counts is what you are doing here and now. While it is absolutely acceptable to reward yourself every now and then, be cautious about spending needlessly, as doing so won’t improve your quality of life.

To better your life, make time for loved ones, find ways to deplete stress and take time to improve your spending habits, your health and yourself.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It