Stubbornness Is... A Good Thing? 5 Reasons Your 'Faulty' Quality Is Actually Beneficial


Stubbornness has a bad rap. The stereotype of a stubborn personality has garnered a false perception of negative characteristics that include the following: too much ego, unwillingness to be wrong, hot-tempered, self-centered, fearful of the unknown, controlling, overly competitive and defensive.

Where is the other side of the spectrum? Stubbornness carries too much of a negative persona, but it can be quite the asset. Here are a few great things about being stubborn:

Stubborn people know what they want and what they don’t want.

Just because a stubborn person isn't easily swayed by opinions, or resists the path of pleasing others, does not mean he or she is self-centered.

It is good to be able to have a stubborn side so you can stick to your true values without allowing the opinions of others to move you.

Stubborn people tend to be more decisive.

Stubborn people know what they want and tend to be more decisive and quick to the point. For more passive personalities, this can come across in the wrong light.

Stubborn people can easily burn a passive personality, and make the person feel like a victim or like decisions are being forced on him or her, but that is only the faulty choice of the passive.

Stubborn people are not always strong-headed in their effort to control others, but in their knowingness of what is better for them or the situation. Unless it’s a pure act to rebel or hurt the other person, doing what you know is best for yourself isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can be a very healthy act.

Everyone is blessed with a very special gift: the gift of individuality. Stubborn people are not all controlling because a person can choose to be controlled or not be controlled.

Stubborn people pave their own path.

Following your heart takes real determination because the path of the heart tends to be fueled by intuition. It has the tendency to move towards the unconventional and can seem irrational to other bystanders.

However, stubborn people move past all onlookers and unbelievers. They stick to their guns because being stubborn allows detachment from outside influences.

Stubborn people aren't close-minded; they have a mind of their own.

When I searched stubbornness, I found headlines like, "How to Stop Being Stubborn," "Ways to Manage Closed-Minded People" and "How to Deal With Stubborn People." It was as if stubborn people are all in the category of being close-minded individuals just looking out for themselves.

Being stubborn does not always mean you are close-minded. I know plenty of stubborn people who open their ears to other perspectives; they just may choose to not be swayed due to their own values, opinions or upbringings.

Whatever the case may be, stubborn people have a mind of their own, which can be a valuable quality in life. This life is our own, and being stubborn can be a very charming quality because having the willingness to listen only to your heart creates a particular magnetism.

Deep down, people want to have the willpower to do exactly what their hearts call for, and stubborn people tend to chase their passions more wholeheartedly.

Stubborn people persevere.

Stubborn people have fewer tendencies to give in or give up on their dreams. If you are stubborn, you can use it to your advantage in all areas of your life. If you go through a hard breakup, failed business plans, dream job or whatever it is, you can be stubborn for yourself.

It will be good for your well-being to persevere through the rough patches of life and keep moving forward. Don’t give in to the overly critical types saying that you are too hard on yourself. As long as you are in tune to your values and pursuits, you can go far.

Just know that being stubborn does not always mean you are completely rigid in your ways; it just means you know what you want and where you stand. Stubborn people never settle for less than what they want.

Photo Courtesy: HBO/Curb Your Enthusiasm