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Expect The Unexpected In Your October 26 Weekly Horoscope


Spooky season takes on a whole different meaning when it takes place during Mercury retrograde. This strange transit has been pulling skeletons out of your closet and bringing you face to face with ghosts from your past. Your October 26, 2020 weekly horoscope has a few haunting tricks up its sleeve, but don't worry, there's plenty of dark romance and mystical beauty to go around.

Prepare for Mercury retrograde to start spewing out strange gossip and create confusion in your social life when it reenters partnership-oriented cardinal air sign Libra on Oct. 27, taking you even further back in time. This shift will surely intensify the limitations and complications of Mercury retrograde, especially when it forms a square with restrictive and karmic Saturn on Nov. 1, starting the new month off on an intense and repressive note. This could create feelings of disconnect and disappointment, so when these feelings crop up, try to remember they're temporary.

Luckily, things can't be so bad for your love life and your social life when Venus — planet of affection and luxury — enters its home sign of Libra on Oct. 27. Venus loves being in Libra. This benefic planet loves the charming and flirtatious flair of Libra, its ability to create harmony in the midst of chaos, to find the beautiful in the ugly, and to keep things lighthearted. Although this Venus in Libra transit will be a bit of a roller coaster ride, there's no way you'll be able to deny the soft magic behind it all.

Last but not least, the month of October wraps up on a devilishly spooktastic note. A full blue moon in Taurus takes place on Oct. 31 at 10:49 a.m. ET, making this a Halloween marked by heightened spirituality, emotional intensity, and plenty of eye-opening revelations. All full moons are marked by surprises, but this particular full moon might just throw you for a major loop, as it forms an exact conjunction with erratic and unpredictable Uranus. Your desire to turn up the shock factor, rage against societal norms, and create mischief just for the sake of spicing things up will be stronger than ever. This Halloween, expect the unexpected.



You're having a revelation about what you need in order to feel stable and comfortable in this universe. It's time to favor stability over chaos and to work on building something from the ground up. There may be miscommunications or misunderstandings throwing a wrench in a relationship. All that matters is you're both willing to show up and work through it together.


"Who am I?" is a question you may find yourself wondering. You're thinking about who you've been and whether your former self has been holding you prisoner. There are untapped areas of who you are just waiting to be awakened. It may feel difficult to keep up with your usual to-do list, so embrace diversions and see where they lead you. There's no point in fighting what's out of your control.


A powerfully healing moment is waiting for you. Wounds may unexpectedly reopen, but they're showing you where the pain lies so you can apply a salve to it. Don't expect the same sources of inspiration to work for you this week. Look outside the box and open your heart to new methods of self-expression and new ways of perceiving romance.


Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are coming into focus. The way you'd like to change the world and leave your mark on history is making itself known. However, complications in your personal life my be dragging your attention away from loftier goals and back to your center. Deal with your world before you put pressure on yourself to take on the rest of the world this week.



The world is seeing your truth and getting a glimpse of who you really are and how you really feel. It can be unsettling being seen on such a deep level, especially if you fear being judged. However, revealing yourself will also invite those who appreciate who you are underneath it all. If you speak with integrity and make sure your words are in line with your intuition, you'll have nothing to hide.


`Something that has been snagging your attention and absorbing all your focus may gain more clarity this week. You're taking a step back and looking at the situation from a different perspective; seeing the situation in a more nuanced and complex manner. You may deal with instability this week and struggle to find your footing. However, adopting the right perspective will get you through it.


Your attachments are coming into focus this week. You're realizing what your emotional investments are doing for you and what you're getting out of your energetic commitments. It may be time to let go or invest even further if you like where it's going. Asserting yourself and your needs may feel difficult at the moment, but you're learning how to discover confidence even when it feels out of reach.


Relationships are an energetic exchange and they're only as powerful as the generosity received from both ends. This week, you're getting a better understanding of what others are bringing to the table and how you're fulfilling your end of the bargain. Wounds from your past may be creating complications in your relationships. Don't forget what you've learned, but understand that each relationship is different.



Each decision you make in your life, no matter how small, has consequences. This week, you're learning whether you've been choosing your own well-being and success over shortcuts and short-term gratification. You may feel a disconnect with your social group or even feel pressure to assimilate. Don't sacrifice your own needs for the sake of the group's.


The goals you've been committing yourself to and building up to may feel strange to you this week. You may be wondering why you've chosen these paths. Remember, you always have the ability to change course. Instead of worrying about the results, focus on the process. You're having a creative resurgence and an artistic awakening. See where self-expression takes you.


Your heart is opening up and your emotional connection to your roots is becoming clear. Spend this week remembering where you come from and conjuring the feeling of comfort and safety that you deserve. You may not feel satisfied with the philosophy you've been living by. It may be time to learn something new and infuse your inner truth with a larger perspective.


A conversation could prove to be life-changing this week. A piece of knowledge or information may rock your world. Ideas are bursting within you and if you don't make a record of them, they may pass you by. There's so much clutter taking up space in your world; things that have come to an end, and yet, you may still be hanging on. It's time to let go and embrace what comes next.