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Your March Full Moon Horoscope Has Everything To Do With Your Self-Improvement

When the springtime rolls around, it's almost as if something inside you automatically says, "You can do this." It's time to get your life in order, but more importantly, it's time for you to really start living your best life. Interestingly enough, your March 2020 full moon horoscope has everything to do with your self-improvement.

Glimmering through the night sky in the midst of Pisces season — on Monday, March 9 at exactly 1:48 p.m. ET — this month's full supermoon in Virgo blends well, energetically, with the essence of compassionate Pisces. The sun (Pisces) directly opposes the moon (Virgo) during the full moon phase, but the day prior to this lunation, the sun will be conjunct dreamy Neptune, which is Pisces' planetary ruler. Despite this supermoon's positioning, there's no denying the essence of Neptune-ruled Pisces. This synergy can be incredibly healing to the collective, especially during times like these. Being mindful of your health and your everyday lifestyle is just as important as nurturing your environment; this is your home.

Before you read your full supermoon horoscope, think back to the new moon in Virgo that took place in August 2019. Keeping this in mind, here's what the full moon in Virgo has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Finally Taking Care Of Business

Looks like you're getting a much-needed burst of motivation, Aries. Whether you've been long overdue getting organized or perhaps struggling with the thought of sticking to a healthy routine and balanced diet, it's time to cross your t's and dot your i's. Mercury also goes direct, which means timing is perfect.

Taurus: You've Been Working Hard And It Shows

You're a superstar, Taurus. Aside from shedding light on your Venusian talents, this lunation will also bring you the delicious recognition you deserve. Romance and creative inspiration are very likely. I know it may feel like a dream, but your heart chakra is wide open, as it should be.

Gemini: You're Taking A Mental Health Day

Take care of you, Gemini. This month's supermoon speaks to you in so many ways, especially with your planetary ruler stationing direct the very same day. When was the last time you got a little shut-eye? Have you set the necessary boundaries in your professional life? Your work-life balance is a key concern right now.

Cancer: Your Questions Are Finally Being Answered

There's nothing better than the feeling of validation, Cancer. While you may have struggled with communication as of late — all thanks to Mercury retrograde, of course — this super lunation will finally bring you the clarity you've been seeking. Conversations, inspiration, ideals, and paperwork are very likely during this time.


Leo: You're Ready To Make Your Values A Priority

You're a big spender, Leo. The beautiful part about this is, you're also very gracious with your loved ones — but like always, something's gotta give. Aside from being incredibly conservative, this Virgo supermoon is also here to help you organize your finances and make your security a priority.

Virgo: Your Soul's Truth Is Speaking For Itself

You only get one full moon in your sign per year, Virgo. Not only is your planetary ruler, Mercury, finally stationing direct, your personal and professional goals are also coming to fruition. Think back to the new moon in Virgo that took place in August 2019 — this is your blessed culmination from the heavens. Honor your truth.

Libra: You're Finding The Will To Forgive And Forget

If the door doesn't open, there will be others, Libra. Neptune knows no boundaries, and its influence throughout this lunation is undeniable. Listen to your body and allow yourself to recognize what is detrimental to your spirit. This is an excellent time to release, forgive, and forget. Turn the page.

Scorpio: You're Nurturing And Celebrating Your Soul Tribe

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Scorpio. You may not always be the trustworthy type, but everyone needs a solid support system. Virgo isn't preoccupied with what feels secure; it aims to create something useful and practical. Hovering over your 11th house of teams, tribes, and sense of belonging, this energy is both cordial and collaborative.


Sagittarius: You're Ready To Take The Lead

You've always been a leader, Sagittarius. Your sparkling optimism and enthusiasm is one of a kind, which is one of the many reasons why your visions are larger than life itself. You're often known for aiming high, but are you being practical with your ambitions? Get to work.

Capricorn: Your Voice Will Touch The Lives Of Many

Whether you've been entertaining the idea of launching your own business or moving forward with an entrepreneurial venture, this super lunation is here to shed light on what needs to be done in order to bring your visions to life. Working with publishing, podcasts, and broadcast media in general is likely during this time.

Aquarius: Your Commitments Are Under A Magnifying Glass

Take it or leave it, Aquarius. You're not typically the emotional type, but this super lunation will shake up your intensity-filled eighth house of sex, intimate unions, and transformation, so you could be feeling a bit overwhelmed during this time. Your joint ventures are also being tested, especially those revolving around committed partnerships.

Pisces: You're Running Into Your Reflection

You're constantly manifesting, Pisces. You get what you give, and this couldn't be more accurate throughout this super lunation. Glimmering over your committed seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and acquaintances, you could suddenly run into an exciting connection, whether it be romantic or collaborative. Follow the yellow brick road.