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Your Pisces Season Horoscope Is All About Surrendering To The Universe

by Valerie Mesa

Dreamy yet almost too ambiguous to grasp, there's nothing more complex than the essence of Neptune-ruled Pisces. This mutable water sign is the last in the zodiac, as well as a symbol of divine consciousness. Similarly, your Pisces season 2020 horoscope has everything to do with trusting the universe, and surrendering to the light of the soul. At the end of the day, no matter what happens, you are being guided by something so much greater than you can imagine, and that is Pisces. It's everything alive and breathing in the universal realm, and this simply validates the infinite potential of your spirit.

The season kicks off on Feb. 18 when the sun officially shifts into elusive Pisces followed by a lovely sextile between Jupiter-Neptune. (FYI, Neptune is Pisces' planetary ruler, but Jupiter is its ancient ruler.) This harmonious energy flow can be incredibly inspiring, especially in terms of your dreams and future goals. So make sure to take advantage of this mystical transit, which is coincidentally taking place right before the new moon in Pisces on Feb. 23. Irresistible Venus will pirouette into sensual Taurus on March 4, followed by an earthy full moon in Virgo and Mercury direct on March 9.

Here's what to expect this season, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Healing And Starting Over

It's time to let go, and the sun's annual shift into your 12th house is the perfect opportunity for you to do so, Aries. Mercury will retrograde through this area of your chart, so things could feel a bit hazy. However, don't be discouraged by the ambiguity of it. Instead, go ahead and take some much-needed time for yourself, especially if it involves Neptunian activities like yoga, meditation, and reiki healing. Closure and forgiveness are big themes for you during this time, and the new moon in Pisces could be a blessing in disguise; the full moon in Virgo will shed light on what needs to reworked in your daily routine.

Taurus: You're Joining Forces With Your Tribe

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities, Taurus. With the sun transiting through your socially conscious 11th house of teams, tribes, friendship groups, you'll be focusing on your self-transcendence while collaborating with like-minded individuals who have similar hopes, wishes, and dreams. BTW, Mercury Rx could spark restlessness and miscommunication, so make sure to stand your ground. You might even rekindle a friendship or revisit a project in the virtual sphere. The new moon in Pisces will provide you with a positive kickstart nonetheless, while the full moon in Virgo brings closure to your expressive fifth house of fame, romance, and creative expression.

Gemini: You're Turning Dreams Into A Reality

You're the boss, Gemini. If you're career-driven, then the sun's shift into elusive Pisces will definitely turn things up a notch. This area of your chart has to do with your public persona and destiny in the world, so you'll likely be preoccupied with authority figures during this time. Your mischievous planetary ruler will retrograde via this area of your chart, so make sure to double and triple check your emails and work agenda. The new moon in Pisces will activate this area of your chart and bring new seeds of opportunity. Focus on your goals. Whatever needs to be acknowledged, in terms of your inner foundation and sense of security, will resurface during the full moon.

Cancer: You're Finding Faith In Your Visions

Are you looking at the bigger picture, Cancer? Whether you've decided to move forward with an entrepreneurial venture or take a much-needed vacation, the sun's shift into dreamy Pisces — via your expansive ninth house of education, travel, and unknown territory — will evoke your inner thrill-seeker and inspire you to take a leap of faith. Curious Mercury will retrograde through this area of your chart, which could certainly spark confusion. For instance, you could run into some petty mishaps if you're traveling, or accidentally order the wrong merchandise for your new business launch. The new moon will get your creative juices flowing, so focus on your visions.


Leo: You're Going Into The Depths

Pisces season is nothing short of intense for you, Leo. With the sun activating your sultry eighth house of sex, transformation, and joint ventures, themes related to your intimate unions and shared resources will be top of mind during this time. Although, with Mercury Rx via this area of your chart, you could be revisiting an old wound or reflecting on a repressed burden in need of release and healing. The new moon will bring new beginnings to this area of your life, whether it be with an intimate partnership or a joint investment. Then there's the full moon in Virgo, which will shed light on whatever needs to be reworked and acknowledged, in terms of your finances and self-worth.

Virgo: You're Focusing On Your Relationships

It takes two to tango, Virgo. The sun's shift into Pisces will shed light on your committed seventh house of partnerships as well as your one-on-one relationships. Themes related to your interpersonal connects and general ability to compromise will likely resurface, and the new moon in Pisces could also bring new beginnings to this area of your life. There will also be a full moon in your sign this month; you only get one of these per year, so make sure to pay attention to your mind and body during this time. This will bring a powerful culmination especially in regard to your relationships, but Mercury Rx will also play an important role in this lunation.

Libra: You're Being More Mindful Of Your Day

Energy speaks louder than words, Libra. This is especially true with the sun shifting into dreamy Pisces via your orderly sixth house of health, routine, and due diligence. It's time for you to start thinking practically in terms of your responsibilities and acts of self-care. The new moon in Pisces will bring new beginnings to this area of your chart, which could gift you with some much-needed inspiration. However, there's a catch. Mercury will be retrograde during this time, which means it will also affect the full moon in Virgo via your secretive 12th house of closure and forgiveness. This is an excellent opportunity for you to make amends with someone and surrender.

Scorpio: You're Feeling Romantic And Creative

What inspires you, Scorpio? The sun's shift into mystical Pisces will shake up your expressive fifth house of love, romance, and creativity. Aside from being back in your element, Pisces season always brings you a burst of passion. The new moon in Pisces will bring new beginnings to this romantic sphere, so whether you're feeling creative or falling in love, this is an excellent time to do so. However, with Mercury Rx in the mix, you could run into a toxic ex-flame on the way. Get the closure you need and move forward, Scorpio.


Sagittarius: You're More Emotional Than Usual

Home is where the heart is, Sagittarius. The sun's shift into dreamy Pisces via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation will bring you closer to your roots. So if you're feeling a bit under the weather, it could be because you simply need some time for yourself. The new moon will bring new beginnings to this area of your life, so you might even decide to redecorate your place while you're at it. Revisiting conversations with siblings and relatives will be likely, especially with Mercury retrograde activating this area of your chart.

Capricorn: You're Speaking From The Heart

Having compassion for yourself consists of speaking your truth, Capricorn. Despite the miscommunication that stems from the Mercury Rx madness, Pisces season will likely revolve around your communication style, mindset and immediate environment. Are you making too many sacrifices as of late? Maybe it's the other way around, but the new moon in Pisces will gift you with a supercharged boost of inspiration. If you're a writer or a visual artist, this is an excellent time to brainstorm and create content. Who knows, you might just take a leap of faith during the full moon in Virgo.

Aquarius: You're Reflecting On Your Values

You're so money and you don't even know it, Aquarius. The sun's shift into dreamy Pisces via your pleasure-seeking second house of values, income, and sensual pleasures will likely shed light on your spending habits, along with the things bringing you comfort. Are you being undervalued in some way, Aquarius? The new moon will ignite this area of your chart and bring new beginnings, especially in terms of your sense of security. What's interesting is, Mercury will also retrograde through this area of your chart, so you'll be given the opportunity to reflect, revisit, and reassess your current value system. I wouldn't make any large investments during this time, at least not until Mercury goes direct.

Pisces: You're Making Big Moves

Happy Birthday, Pisces. I am wishing you a lovely and blessed solar return. Bad news first? Mercury will retrograde through your sign this season, but this isn't going to be as bad as you think. Fun fact: Did you know Mercury Rx epitomizes the energy of Mercury in Virgo? What this means is, you will be seeing things a lot more clearly than usual, so pay attention. The new moon in your sign will gift you with a nice surge of kickstart energy, so feel free to use it wisely, especially if you're feeling inspired. Full moons, however, bring culminations and in your committed seventh house of partnerships, you could experience an interesting revelation of sorts during this time. Upward and onward, Pisces.