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34 Instagram Captions For Pisces That'll Sing To Your Water Sign

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Dear, Pisces. Your "season" might not start until the middle of February, but you shine year-round. From the comfort of your apartment or behind an easel where you're creating a masterpiece, you add a little something to the universe that no other zodiac sign can. That's why you need some Instagram captions for Pisces that'll specifically sing to your water sign.

You may love hanging out in your room alone on a Saturday afternoon and catching up on the latest music that's been dropped on your fave streaming services. You might like staying in and having deep conversations with your roommates over pizza and kitchen dance parties. In your spare time, you might find yourself volunteering for an organization you care about or seeking out situations where you can be creative or connect with others. It's in your nature to listen and offer sound life advice — even when you're casually chatting with a bestie in a restaurant or bar.

For that reason, you might be the one in your friend group who people like to come to for heart-to-hearts. In addition, you might be the bestie with the best playlists on their phone for road trips, music festivals, and backyard barbecues in the summertime. No matter what artsy pictures or cheesy social media posts life throws at you, Pisces, use one of these 34 captions that are made for your zodiac sign. They'll truly capture and sing to your gentle soul.

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1. "Pisces vibes."

2. "Just took a DNA test. Turns out, I'm 100% a Pisces."

3. "Take artsy pictures like the true Pisces I am."

4. "Be different, babe."

5. "Do more things with your whole heart."

6. "I want a wild love and a curious life."

7. "Powered by dreams and epic naps."

8. "In the mood for pizza and being my best Pisces self."

9. "Headphones on, the rest of the world off."

10. "Vibin' and thrivin'."

11. "Hanging out in my imagination. How about you?"

12. "Glowing with the flow of life."

13. "You're all mine and I'm not sharing."

14. "I'm on energy saving mode."

15. "The Pisces in me is out to play today."

16. "As free as the ocean."

17. "All you need is love and comfy blankets."

18. "Ocean child."

19. "She's a dreamer."

20. "Oh, hey. Water you doing here?"

21. "Roses are red, let's snuggle in bed."

22. "Find someone who wants to leave the party at the same time as you."

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23. "Just a happy Pisces in her version of paradise."

24. "I think I'll stay here a while."

25. "All she does is dream, dream, dream."

26. "When you're a Pisces..."

27. "If you love me, let me sleep in tomorrow."

28. "Everything you can imagine is real." — Pablo Picasso

29. "Leave the world better than you found it."

30. "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's because she's a water sign."

31. "Women like you drown oceans." — Rupi Kaur

32. "Surround yourself with inspiring people."

33. "Pinky promise, I'm a Pisces."

34. "My zodiac sign is a Pisces. Can you tell?"