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Mercury Retrograde Is In Your Feb. 10 Weekly Horoscope, Bringing Up Some Issues


If you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, and internally shaken during the beginning of the week, it's no wonder. You're probably experiencing what I like to call a "full moon hangover," because you're still shaking off the effects of the most potent lunation of the month. Last week's full moon in Leo inspired you to express yourself, explore your creativity, and light a match over your passion. Now that this fire is done raging, it's time to clean up the mess you may have made. Fortunately, your February 10, 2020 weekly horoscope is full of proof that you can overcome anything and harness your passion to make something meaningful.

One of the most ambitious and focused transits of all begins on Feb. 16, when Mars — planet of drive and instinct — enters hardworking, committed, and go-getter Capricorn. When Mars is in this cardinal earth sign, it's functioning in an exalted state, making it even more powerful than usual. Mars' main goal is to win the battle. Capricorn makes plans, aims high, and is willing to put in the time and patience to make the impossible seem possible. Rather than impulsively jumping into a fight, Capricorn observes the situation, forges a long-term plan, and doesn't get discouraged when results don't take place overnight. Let this transit help you get off to a good start and then actually finish whatever it is that you've started.

However, the cosmos always have a sense of humor, and this week, there's a paradox in the making. By Feb. 16 (the same day Mars enters Capricorn), Mercury retrograde in Pisces will commence, taking you on a journey through the unknown. Mars in Capricorn wishes to charge forward, however, nothing creates confusion quicker than Mercury retrograde.

When detail- and logic-oriented Mercury is in dreamy, spiritual, and visionary Pisces, it calls for unorthodox thinking, the suspension of disbelief, and the willingness to embrace the idea that all is not as it seems. As Mercury rolls backward through apparent retrograde motion, it has the tendency to bring up issues from your past so you can finally get closure. Pisces is nostalgic and emotional, potentially encouraging you to romanticize the past. Take these feelings with a grain of salt, as you may not be viewing things objectively. While it may not be the best time to commit to something major or start a new project, it's a beautiful time for healing, introspection, and resuming your progress on a project you may have abandoned. Progress does not always reveal itself through something tangible. Sometimes, progress means going over something once again, just so you can make sure you've truly learned it.



Fight hard for you accomplishments, Aries. You're feeling passionate about your goals and willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality. Don't let discouragement slow you down. However, you should remember that so much of your progress takes place behind the scenes. The world will notice your efforts when the time is right.


You're being called to explore outside of your comfort zone, Taurus. Expand your mind by embracing a perspective that is completely unlike your own. There is so much for you to discover when you leave behind everything you know. If your friends don't understand where you're going, know that you don't need them to join you.


Get in touch with your desires, Gemini. You're feeling the sensation of wanting something so badly that it almost feels primal. There's nothing wrong with embracing the entirety of your heart, even if it terrifies you. Give your ego a rest, because you may be losing a battle, but you definitely haven't lost the war yet. Allow yourself to regroup and rethink.


You're ready to put in the effort to be a better partner, Cancer. Listen to the needs of others and work on balancing a relationship's need for give and take. If conflict arises, it has the power to bring you closer. But you may not know what to believe during this time. Embrace the idea that you don't yet have all the answers — and, right now, you don't need to.



You have the power to get so much done in a day, especially now, so use this time to revamp your daily routine and get the most out of your time. Cure restlessness by taking direct action toward a problem. There may be commitments that are coming back to haunt you, making you rethink your decision to sign on the dotted line. Learn from your mistakes.


Inspiration is striking you at every corner, so make sure you write down your ideas and let the creativity flow. You can start off strong, but you might lose momentum, so don't let the energy fizzle out before making use of it. Relationship complications could force you to reexamine deep-seated issues. Be patient. There's no need to take drastic measures yet.


You may be feeling a bit more sensitive and in need of "me time," so spend some of that energy of yours on your home environment. Living in a place you deem comfortable, spiritually zen, and safe is more important than ever. There may be confusion at work, forcing you to tackle an issue that refuses to solve itself. Some intervention may be needed, but tread lightly.


It may be harder for you to hold your tongue, so don't. Even if speaking your truth leads you in hot waters, some things need to be said. Just make sure you're going about it the best way. A lover from your past may be reappearing, reminding you of what you want and don't want from your love life. Let it reignite you, but make sure you protect your boundaries.



It's time to decide what matters to you most while you discard what's getting in the way. Focus on working toward something tangible. You can make a lot of money now, if that's what you're wondering. However, don't make money the be-all, end-all. There may be conflicts at home that require your attention. Solve these problems with love and care first.


You're feeling highly energized toward bettering yourself and putting yourself out there. This energy will spread throughout every aspect of your life, so give it some direction before it runs haywire. Think twice before you speak. You may not be received the way you intended, so make sure you're choosing the right time and place before communicating.


You may feel like slowing down and taking a breather. However, it doesn't mean you're not making progress. Spending some time alone to rejuvenate your spirit is exactly what you need right now. Just be mindful about what you do with that time. Avoid spending a lot of money without thinking the purchase through. You may not be thinking clearly.


You're tapping into your social butterfly and making the rounds, inspiring whomever you meet and making new friends, as long as you're open to it. Make sure you're being yourself. You may feel inspired to make a drastic change in the way you look or present yourself, but this inspiration could be short-lived. Avoid doing anything permanent for the time being.