9 Women Reveal Their Favorite Sex Moves When It's Too Hot To Move

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You're riding in the car with the radio up and the windows down. It seems like the perfect day. Until, of course, you realize that you're completely stuck to your seat because it is hot AF outside, and you're sweating like Niagara Falls. When the weather gets steamy, it's not always easy to feel like a hottie. Whether you've been seeing someone for a while now, or you're single and mingling all summer long — knowing your favorite sex moves when it's too hot to move can be a great way to turn up the heat when you feel like you're standing on the sun.

When you're feeling sweaty and sticky, it's not always easy to know how to feel sexy in the summer. After a long and grey winter, it can seem like everyone is dying for some sun. And yet, when the clouds part and the temperature rises like Cardi B in the music industry — getting it on can feel a little extra daunting.

Elite Daily asked nine women to share their favorite ways to stay cool when getting hot and what they said will help you and your boo beat the heat and turn up the sexy.

Shower Power
We'll start with some foreplay and kissing stuff in a cold shower. It will really cool us down and then we can hop over to the bedroom and kind of move on from there.

— Jenna, 24

Ice, Ice, Baby
Ice cubes! We love to play with ice as we're getting it on. We'll rub them on each other or put them in our mouths and kiss different places on each other's body. Sometimes I'll blindfold my man and try to surprise him with a cold kiss.

— Zoe, 20

Number One Fan
I'll set up a fan right by my bed and have it blow on us as we're both naked. Once we get all goosebumps I'll get on top and have the wind blow my hair back. It's the perfect balance of silly and sexy.

— Rachel, 26

Chill Vibes
I'll put my vibrator in the freezer during the summer. When it's time to get it on, the vib is super chilly and feels so good.

— K, 27

The L Word
I'll lie on my side and have my partner enter me on his knees, so it's kind of like an L shape. It's still intimate and we both kind of get our spots hit, but we're not sticky on each other.

— Sam, 29

Oral Fixation
We'll stick to oral, when it's super hot out and we don't want to really touch each other too much. It's the least amount of body-to-body contact, but still, you get off.

— Kourt, 25

Tub Time
I'll draw a mini bath with two inches of cold water and then we'll have sex on the floor of the tub with the shower running. You get chilled down by the water on the floor and the water coming up.

— Lili, 24

Bend It Over
I'll stand up and have my man bend me over and have him enter me from behind. It feels good for both of us and we don't need to be like lying down in out own sweat or breathing on each other or even touching each other that much.

— Chris, 26

Midnight Snack
I'll wake my boyfriend up when it's super hot out and I'm lying in my own sweat in the bed and we'll have sex in front of the open fridge. The cold air cools us down and then we can eat a snack after.

— Rowan, 24

Sunny summer can be a great time to try some new moves with your boo. Of course, if you and your boo are feeling too hot to move, getting sexy in the shower or bringing some ice cubes between you may totally do the trick. Just because it's too sticky outside doesn't mean you can't keep it totally hot in the bedroom.

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