5 Sex Moves To Try During Summer 2019 That Are Hotter Than The Weather

Gemini season kicks off the start of summer and, IMHO, it makes everyone so horny, they can barely handle it. The great news about summer making everyone feel a little friskier is that you're definitely not alone in this... heat (pun-intended). There are a few specific sex moves to try during summer 2019 that could really leave you feeling satisfied. The thing about being super sexually riled up is that you can just really lean into that feeling and see what happens.

Whether you have a steady bae, a regular FWB, or you're looking to hook up with someone new, there are a ton of creative ways to spice up your sex life this summer. When brainstorming some creative new sex moves, consider what your go-to moves are why you like them. Do you like a certain position because of the view you have of your partner? Perhaps shift things up so you can see each other even better in the act. Do you really enjoy a certain move because it penetrates you in a very specific way? Consider shifting your angle so that it feels that much more intense. Alternatively, consider what your partner might really like and don't let them have it right away, because teasing something that you enjoy can really heighten the enjoyment you finally give in to temptation. For more ideas about how to heat things up this summer, check out the following moves.

Really put some elbow grease into to it.

Take it from your friendly neighborhood lesbian that fingering (and I cannot stress this enough) is 1000% underrated in the bedroom. Your hands are really strong and have a lot of dexterity, which is very useful when penetrating a vagina or anus. Consider spicing things up with some creative fingering this summer because it's a great way to stoke a different sensation in the person that you're penetrating. You can switch up how you finger someone by using lube on your fingers, doing a come-hither motion when penetrating them, or even trying to switch up the number of fingers you use when fingering them

Put some extra effort into the way that you finger your partner and see just how rewarding making someone feel great can be.

Cool off with some creative moves.

It can get kind of toasty during the summer, so consider some positions that don't involve a ton of contact. There are a handful of positions that you can try that give you a lot of space so that you don't get overheated. You can do the wheelbarrow where you put your hands on the floor and your partner penetrates you while holding up your legs. Or, if you want something a little bit less strenuous, you could do reverse cowgirl or doggy-style where the penetrative partner is standing.

Head that brings you right to the edge.

One thing that screams fun, sexy summer is getting or giving some really great afternoon head while the sun streams in from the window. Having someone go down on your in broad daylight can be a really empowering experience because you have a great view of your own body and the person pleasuring it. If you want to get creative with your usual oral routine, consider having your bae kneel on the floor as you sit on the bed. This can feel super empowering, and you can even hold their hair for extra balance — or, you know, just to pull their hair a little bit.

Cool off in the shower.

One less than fun thing about summer is the imminent heat waves and days when you miss being able to leave the house in a jacket and sweatshirt. If you get into some really sexy foreplay with your bae, consider going for round two in the shower so that you can keep things steamy — but maybe not super sweaty.

Leave that summer dress on.

Summer dresses are a true staple of the season. One thing that is super hot about those cute, frilly dresses is the fact that there are numerous ways to hook up without even taking the dress off. Surprise your bae next time they show up to your place by wearing a dress and then leading them to your room so they can figure out on their own that you're not wearing anything underneath. It can be incredibly erotic to be on top while your dress is still on, and it's always a pro if the dress buttons down the front because, well, you get the picture.

Even though winter means that you're spending more time inside, summer is truly the sexiest season because of the fewer clothes you have to wear and the chance to have sex in a fully lit room. There's no time like the present to really embrace all of this season's pros and improvise the heck out of the cons.