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Your Favorite Sex Move, Based On Your Personality Type


An introspective personality quiz, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is geared to show you how you handle conflict and connect with others — in the streets and between the sheets (wink, wink). And while everyone is different, knowing your favorite sex move based on your Myers-Briggs personality type may just help you find 16 types of orgasms.

ICYMI, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator contains a series of personal questions, which aim to provide you with a four-part understanding of yourself. These include Extroversion (E) or Introversion (I), Sensing (S) or Intuition (N), Thinking (T) or Feeling (F), and Judgment (J) or Perception (P). Of course, no matter your personality type, discussing consent and boundaries before turning up the heat is super important. Whether you're getting it on with your partner of four years or having a steamy quickie with a Bumble babe, open communication and honesty during sex is something all types can get behind.

If you're curious about your personality type, you can take the quiz online or check out a book about it (there are literally tons). But remember, the test is in no way definitive — however you like to get down is the right way for you.

Read on to discover how all 16 personality types prefer to get frisky. You're welcome.


INFP "The Healer" — Cowgirl (Reverse Or Traditional)

INFP will love nothing more than getting on top of their partner and really taking the lead in the bedroom. Whether they face their partner for a traditional cowgirl or turn away for a reverse situation, INFPs like to maximize their possibilities and are known for really trusting their gut instincts.

INTJ "The Mastermind" — Role Playing

Problem-solvers and innovators, INTJs are always one step ahead. They're great at really getting to the root of an issue and visualizing all the ways to solve it. With an active imagination, INTJ will love to engage in role-playing scenarios with their partner — either dressing up, dressing down, or just fooling around.

INFJ "The Counselor" — Oral With A Vibrator

INFJ is great at helping people discover what they want. Kind and dedicated, they like to find creative new ways to make people feel good. While they may already love going down on their partner, adding a toy or vibrator into the mix (as they're orally stimulating their boo) will bring their partner into new realms of pleasure.

INTP "The Architect" — Lotus

Philosophical INTPs are all about finding connections. They like theories and systems, and always want to find the deeper meaning of things. The lotus position — having one partner sit crosslegged ("crisscross applesauce") on the floor or bed and the other partner straddle over, crossing their legs around them — will allow for maximum penetration and connection.

ENFP "The Campaigner" — Standing Sex

Original ENFPs like to think of their feet — literally. Having sex standing up, whether someone hops up on a kitchen counter or leans against a wall, will allow ENFP for the flexibility and spontaneity they crave. They don't want to feel confined to a space and need lots of room to really embrace a moment.

ENTJ "The Commander" — Edging

ENTJs are there for the long haul. They like to find new solutions and look at long-term plans. In the bedroom, ENTJ will love to try edging or prolonging orgasms with their partners. Whether they incorporate toys or get frisky with fingering and oral, ENTJ wants to get close to climaxing and then back away until they can't take it anymore.

ENTP "The Visionary" — Rimming

Innovative and curious, ENTP isn't afraid to get their hands (or mouths) dirty. ENTP will love to experiment with some behind-the-scenes oral. Whether they stimulate their partner from behind or slide on down as they've giving, ahem, more traditional head, ENTP will love to get into some booty stuff.

ENFJ "The Teacher" — Power Play

ENFJ knows what they want. With a strong imagination and the ability to see the good in the people around them, they will love to be the boss in the bedroom. With some (consensual and pre-discussed) power play, ENFJ will love to dominate their partner in the bedroom, telling them what to do and when.

ISFJ "The Protector" — Spoon Sex

Loyal and generous, ISFJ wants to hold and be held by their lover. This type will love to spoon (or be spooned) by their partner and be stimulated or entered as they are being held.

ISFP "The Composer" — Standing Doggie

ISFP likes to go with the flow. They're flexible, gentle, and remain calmly enthusiastic about most things they encounter. When getting it on with someone, they'll enjoy turning their partner around (or getting turned around by their partner), then getting stimulated or entered from behind.

ISTJ "The Inspector" — Basic Missionary

With a penchant for order and keeping things tidy, ISTJs will be into basic missionary, keeping everyone's body aligned and organized. Procedural and responsible, they're one to have a "sex towel" nearby as to keep their pristine bedding dry and clear, and to immediately clean any sex-induced mess.

ISTP "The Craftsperson" — Incorporating Height & A Vibrator

ISTPs are practical and mechanical. They like to learn how things work and then find the best ways to fix it. They'll enjoy propping up their partner's torso with pillows or blankets and stimulating them with a vibrator. Finding what angles work best for their boo, as well as what speeds and vibration patterns will be educational and exciting.

ESFJ "The Provider" — Sitting Oral

Dreamy ESFJs are all about doing service for other people. Intuitive and helpful, these caretakers will want to make sure their partner is getting all the attention and pleasure. Having their partner sitting back in a chair, sweet ESFJ will love kneeling before them and giving them some intimate oral. Letting their partner sit back and relax, ESFJ will love to do all the work.

ESFP "The Performer" — A Sexy Striptease

Vivacious ESFPs are all about the drama. They love to be the center of attention and hope to captivate everyone they come across. Spontaneous and fun-loving, ESFP will love to sit their partner down and give them a sexy striptease before saddling over them and getting it on.

ESTJ "The Supervisor" — 69

Organized ESTJs are the people with the plan. They like rules and systems and enjoy both being in charge and being as efficient as possible. ESTJ will love to direct their partner into a 69, where everyone's pleasure is getting met at the same time.

ESTP "The Dynamo" — A Threesome

ESTPs are energetic explorers. They love to try new things and to tackle new challenges. ESTP will love nothing more than inviting a third into the bedroom. With a knack for solving problems, ESTP will love establishing healthy boundaries before turning up the heat and arranging all the details of their thrilling threesome.

Of course, no matter your Myers-Briggs' personality type, your favorite sex move is totally up to you. Though it's paramount to discuss consent and boundaries before diving into anything, experimenting with a new move can be part of the fun. At the end of the day, all that matters is consent and pleasure. If you're doing what you want to be doing and loving every minute, the best type of sex is, well, the sex that's best for you.