4 Sex Moves To Try Against A Wall That Will Straight Up Satisfy You

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Sometimes, the hottest things between the sheets happen completely outside of the sheets. Although there's no shortage of ways to get frisky on a chair or in the shower, knowing some sex moves to try against a wall can be a super hot way to connect with your boo — in an upright position.

Of course, the most important thing when trying anything new with a partner is discussing intentions and consent before anything frisky happens. You want to make sure you and your boo are totally on the same page and comfort-level before whipping out a new move or trying something you haven't done before. Getting ready for sex can be a physical and conversational thing. Talking about all the sexy adventures you want to try before really diving in can get you and your partner ready for the action. And while consent and intent are serious topics that demand to be treated as such, getting descriptive about what you want to do and how you're going to do it can be a super sexy way to get into the mood.

If you and your partner are looking for some straight up sexy fun, here are four sex moves to try against a wall.

To the window, to the wall.

For this move, the receiving partner will stand facing the wall, bent over like they are touching their toes, putting their back and arms up against the wall for balance. The penetrating partner will come behind the receiving partner, and enter them, pushing against the wall for support. Using the wall for leverage, this move is a sexy spin on doggie-style in a totally inverse fashion.

Stool Me

Have the receiving partner sit on a stool or backless chair pressed against the wall, facing out. With their back on the wall, position waist their and legs to an angle facing up towards their penetrating partner. Have penetrating partner stand and use the wall for balance, entering the receiving partner. If you're feeling strong and nimble, you and your boo may be able manage this sort of thing without a chair or stool — but having a strong foundation for the receiving partner to sit on (that's not another person) can take any stress off of balance or strength and can keep you both focused on each other.

Upright Oral

Getting mouthy with a boo against a wall can be a super hot way to experience oral. Have the receiving partner stand up against the wall, facing out. Have the performing partner on their knees facing the receiving partner. Oral sex while standing can make for some intense eye contact as well as a different sort of connection. As the receiving partner can fall into the wall, they can super relax into it.

Half & Half

Have the receiving partner stand against the wall facing out, with one leg firmly planted down and one leg able to move. The penetrating partner then can face the receiving partner, pushing them into the wall (in a consensual, gentle, and sexy way!), and helping their partner's other leg around their back or another surface. Having one leg up and one leg down will allow deeper penetration into the receiving partner, and will maximize sensation for both.

Having sex against a wall can be a great way to move your body differently and experiment with some new moves. Remember that any of these positions can be achieved using body parts, fingers, tongues, or toys! Although sometimes, great sex can be spontaneous — talking about consent is a must, even before trying a new move. If you're looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom, talk to your partner about getting out of bed.

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