The Sexiest Thing That Turns You On, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

What's your secret kink? Don't be shy, we all have one. I'm talking about that little extra something that drives you wild, that you may or may not be open about — maybe even to yourself! If you don’t think you have a secret turn-on, chances are you just haven't figured it out yet. Learning who we are takes a lot of self-reflection, honesty, and experimentation, and that definitely extends to our sexual selves as well. But there are some shortcuts you can take, like learning what turns you on, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. If you don’t know your personality type, you can find out by taking the test right here. It's cool, I'll wait.

Got your results? OK, great. Moving on.

Now that you know what type you are, the question is: What can a personality test tell you about your sexual desires? A lot, actually. Because depending on your personality, you're naturally going to be drawn to certain things and repulsed by others, and somewhere along that spectrum are the things that turn us on. Here's what you find most titillating, exciting, and taboo, based on your personality type.

INTJ (“The Architect”): Sexting

The Architect is imaginative and strategic, and loves when a plan comes together in the bedroom. They get off on laying down the groundwork before the actual act by setting the mood with elaborate and graphic sext messages.

INTP (“The Logician”): Roleplaying

While the The Logician’s thirst for new experiences and knowledge makes them curious, their extreme intellectualism can sometimes keep them too in their heads to completely let go sexually. That is, as themselves. Which is why, by leaning into that curiosity and taking on a very sexual and erotic character, they can finally let their freak flag fly.

ENTJ (“The Commander”): Female Domination

Is it any surprise that the The Commander’s biggest turn-on is female domination? Of course this bold, imaginative, and powerful personality type is a big old top who's happy to set the rules in the bedroom.

ENTP (“The Debater”): Voyeurism

As in all areas of their lives, The Debater leads with their intellectual curiosity. They are ravenously curious about the world around them and are happy to play the role of sexual observer, getting off on taking in other people’s experiences before jumping in and having some of their own.

INFJ (“The Advocate”): Dirty Talk

The Advocate is both the rarest of all the personality types and the most idealist. Sometimes their idealism can make it hard for them to relax and get down and dirty — until you talk dirty to them, that is. Nothing breaks the idealistic spell (long enough for some nookie at least) like whispering sweet, filthy nothings in their ear.

INFP (“The Mediator”): Erotic Fiction

The Mediator is the poet of the personality types. They love lyricism and harmony and beautiful words. So, well-written erotic fiction is exactly what speaks to their biggest erogenous zone: their artistic spirit.

ENFJ (“The Protagonist”): Exhibitionism

The Protagonist really does believe they are the hero of the story. They are charismatic leaders and always prefer all eyes on them — so much so that having eyes running up and down their body is just about as good as having hands do the same.

ENFP (“The Campaigner”): BDSM

The Campaigner is an enthusiastic and experimental free spirit, both in and out of the bedroom. They are pretty much up for anything new and edgy. Spanking, bondage, edge play? Sign them up.

ISTJ (“The Logistician”): Dirty Talk

Like The Advocate, The Logistician can have a little trouble getting out of their own mind. However, in this case, it’s less about being able to connect to the body than it is a fear of letting go. A little dirty talk goes a long way in making them forget their fears and let loose.

ISFJ (“The Defender”): Erotic Massage

The Defender is a a selfless type, who's most sexually free when they can take care of and connect sensually with their partner. So, erotic massage (both giving and receiving) is a huge turn-on for this generous lover.

ESTJ (“The Executive”): Making A Sex Tape

The Executive gets off on control and direction, so the idea of creating their own sex tape, of which they maintain full creative (and literal! Girls, don’t let anybody walk off with your sex tape!) control of is a huge turn-on. It can be group effort or a solo project, if you know what I am sayin’.

ESFJ (“The Consul”): Giving Oral

The Consul is the most giving and… well… eager to please of all the personality types. Which is why, while they love being on the receiving end of oral, they actually prefer giving it. Nothing pleases them more than seeing the person they are with get off.

ISTP (“The Virtuoso”): Sex Toys

The Virtuoso is at their best and most turned on with a tool in their hand. So, as you can imagine, they can turn any sex toy into a sexual Stradivarius.

ISFP (“The Adventurer”): Tantric Sex

You might think The Adventurer has a short attention span, and you’re not totally wrong. It all depends on how engaged they are in their current activity. Add to this their artistic and spiritual side and you can see why the idea of Tantric sex would appeal to them.

ESTP (“The Entrepreneur”): Sub And Dom Play

The Entrepreneur is incredibly smart and very accustomed to getting their way through sheer force of will and hard work. The idea of having that power (consensually) taken away for a short time or getting to be bossy in bed (or both, alternatively) makes the idea of sub and dom play taboo and hot for this type.

ESFP (“The Entertainer”): Group Sex

The Entertainer is spontaneous, impulsive, and just bubbling over with sexual energy and charm. So, why keep it all to yourself when you could share it with multiple partners, all at once?

Who knew you were such a closet freak? Good for you. A big part of owning our own sexual agency is just getting comfortable about what you enjoy and then embracing it — and that’s a beautiful and empowering thing.

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