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There's So Much Beauty In Your April 2020 New Moon Horoscope

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What instantly comes to mind when you think of Taurus? For me, it's beauty; raw, unfiltered beauty. Ruled by Venus — planet of romance and aesthetics — Taurus is intertwined with the beauty naturally sprouting from the Earth. This beauty is never a cheap replica of something else, and Taurus represents beauty in its purest form, bringing you back down to Earth when you feel like going with anything other than the real thing. So much of this beauty exists in your April 2020 new moon horoscope and it's all thanks to the fact that it will take place in Taurus. When this new moon rises on April 22 at 10:25 p.m. ET, it will launch a brand new and very beautiful chapter in your life.

In astrology, the new moon is a moment of release and renewal. It's when the moon rests behind the shadow of night, allowing you a moment to forgive yourself for your past and to go forth with a rejuvenated sense of self. In fact, a new moon always represents some type of new beginning in your life. This new beginning could involve something major such as the start of a new job or relationship, or it could also be as simple as you setting an intention of self-love or self-motivation to act as your own guide as you embark on the next journey.

With a new moon taking on the energy of fixed earth sign Taurus, this new moon is about creating something tangible that brings more support into your life. Taurus is associated with money, stability, and patience, so it's an ideal time to start planning ways to strengthen your security net. This zodiac sign is also deeply connected to the five human senses, so finding ways to connect with your surroundings will bring you so much peace under this new moon. Tantalizing smells, beautiful sights, exhilarating music, and satisfying tastes mean everything to Taurus. Bring more of this physical connection into your world. It'll remind you that you're always protected; that your world is filled with beauty, no matter what.

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This new moon is the perfect time to sort through your finances and come up with a plan to increase your wealth. In fact, it might even represent a very serendipitous opportunity to make more money. Take this chance to envision yourself surrounded by the abundance you desire. You can manifest anything into reality.


You're becoming a new and improved version of yourself. Although change may be scary, deep down you know you're ready for whatever comes next. Let go of people's expectations of you and write your own. No one knows what's best for you better than you do. Break away from the confines of your past. Your future awaits.


Reserve a moment of peace, quiet, and solitude because you may need to be alone in order to process everything your intuition is trying to tell you. Old wounds may be cropping up, but only so you can begin the process of healing them. Take this time to let go of your ego and forgive yourself. Your spirit knows your inner truth.


It's time to lend a helping hand and open your heart to your community. There's no better time than now to remember you must be the change you wish to see in the world. Luckily, you don't have to do this alone. You're about to make so many new and exciting friendships. Together, you can do anything.



What have you always dreamed of accomplishing? Now's the time to make a courageous move and put yourself out there. Don't let the fear of failure stand in your way. Sometimes, you need to fail over and over again before you finally succeed. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are you. Begin building toward your dreams one step at a time.


It's time to open your mind to something outside of your comfort zone so you can get the most out of life. If you cling to monotony and sameness for too long, you'll wind up missing out on so many beautiful opportunities. Make a point of expanding your awareness and going out of your way to see things from a different perspective.


You're tying off a few loose ends before you embark on the next chapter of your life. This is an ideal time to settle a few debts and say your goodbyes to what's no longer serving you. However, it's also time for you to work up the courage to commit to something for the long haul. The return on your investment will be so worth it.


You're learning so many things about how you can improve your relationships. It may be time to decide whether a relationship is worth strengthening or distancing yourself from. If you're both willing to put in the effort, this is a beautiful time to get on the same page. The promises you make will be promises you'll want to keep.



There are only so many hours in a day, so take measures to make better use of your time. Now's the perfect opportunity to reconstruct your daily routine. Striking a work-life balance here is key. Figure out a system that works for you, such as doing a difficult task and then rewarding yourself with something enjoyable.


It's time for you to acknowledge that you are an artist and you've never lost your creative spark. Remember that creativity is not about achieving perfection; it's about expressing yourself and having fun. Reconnect with your inner child and commit to something joyful that allows you to harness your creativity.


Home is where the heart is, so remember that it deserves your love and attention. Make your home a more comfortable place by soothing your relationships with loved ones. You could also use this time to redesign or reorganize your living space. You're craving the warm and cozy feeling only being at home can bring. Create it for yourself.


Don't believe the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," because it couldn't be more false. Your desire to learn is stronger than ever. Make a point to fill your brain with things that fascinate you. This is a great time to commit to learning something that expands your skillset and excites your intellectual side.

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