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The April New Moon Will Help You Let Go Of The Past & Start Fresh


Every phase of the lunar cycle is beautiful in its own way, but in my opinion, no phase is as hopeful as the new moon. At this point in the moon's monthly journey, it disappears into the shadow of night, hidden from plain sight. This provides you with an opportunity to release yourself from the past, set a new intention, and start over. It's as if you're given the chance to plant a fresh seed. As the moon waxes, that seed is nurtured by your efforts, tested by external elements, and encouraged to grow in spite of it all. It's when the big and bright full moon finally takes place that you reap what you've sowed. But enough about full moons, because I'm talking about new moons, and speaking of which, the April 2020 new moon is about building something from the ground up.

As I was saying, the new moon symbolizes the start of an exciting new journey. I'm particularly fond of new moons because they're a wonderful opportunity to simply let go of all the emotional baggage you've been carrying and go forward unburdened by your past. Also, interestingly enough, if you make a point of beginning a project on the new moon, you'll see how this decision takes shape over the course of the next six months, when the corresponding full moon rises. Since this upcoming new moon takes place in Taurus, the significance of this new moon will become clear by the time the full moon in Taurus takes place on Oct. 31, 2020. Fascinating, isn't it?

Full moons tend to get all the attention, but there's something to be said about the subtle, smoldering power of a new moon. Just because it's not as flashy doesn't mean it's not just as important.

Here's a breakdown of the upcoming new moon, which contains the cosmic 411:

The New Moon In Taurus Takes Place On April 22 At 10:25 p.m. ET


The nature of a new moon comes down to what zodiac sign it takes place in. This one rises in beautiful, practical, and down-to-earth Taurus. The moon loves being in Venus-ruled Taurus, so this lunar event is best celebrated by exciting the five senses in some way. Cook yourself a mouthwatering meal, treat yourself to a facial, listen to soothing music, or go for a walk through a fragrant garden. Taurus loves connecting with the earth sensually, so follow this zodiac sign's lead. Taurus also prefers to map things out, setting their sights on a goal that can be achieved with some good old-fashioned hard work. This is a perfect time to make that sort of commitment.

However, truth be told, this new moon does bring up some deep-seated issues that need to be dealt with. Forming a square with karmic Saturn and transformative Pluto, this new moon may put you face to face with some of your most nagging insecurities. Luckily, you are stronger than your fears, and this new moon presents you with a decision to make: Will you let your fear hold you back or will you let it motivate you to fight even harder to overcome it?

Luckily, there's also so much excitement and electricity surrounding this new moon. Forming a square with expansive and adventurous Jupiter as well as a conjunction with unpredictable and rebellious Uranus, you might feel like breaking through these mental blocks and trying something you've never had the courage to do before. This new chapter is very much yours to write, so remember to take a leap of faith. Taurus is an incredibly prepared zodiac sign, so if you take that leap, a net will most certainly appear.